Edith Keller – CEO of Carlin International Group: Hello, we are delighted to interview Marc Piaulet, Sales Director, Amandine Cellier, Style Manager and Frédérique Cusset, European Sales Manager for the fashion division, from SATAB. We wanted to interview you in our “our companies have talent” section because you are a unique model in France. First of all, what is your “raison d’être”? Can you tell us a bit about the history of Satab?

Marc Piaulet – Sales Director from SATAB: Founded in 1905, Satab is a family-owned ETI that creates, weaves, braids and knits ribbons, braids, straps, cords and other narrow textile items. Satab stands for Société Anonyme des Textiles André Brunon, the company’s original name. Today, Nicolas Brunon is the CEO, the third generation!

SATAB – Jacquard flower braid

E.K: What are your areas of focus?

M.P: We have several departments for which our products are used:

  • fashion
  • home
  • industry
  • packaging
  • consumer
  • health

E.K: Has the period we have just gone through impacted your activity?

M.P: It’s true that the Covid period has changed our business somehow. We have largely developed the medical sector by opportunism, because we supplied most of the manufacturers of elastic masks. Today, the fashion and decoration sectors are starting up again and we are very hopeful for the rest of the year.

E.K: In how many countries are you distributed?

M.P: In 72 countries! The European basin remains our main area of activity.

E.K: How do you explain this success?

M.P: Our historical reputation. Indeed, we are the only fully integrated ribbon company here in Saint-Etienne. We benefit from the image of Made in France, able to create like a craftsman and to manufacture like an industrialist. We have more than 40,000 references, we are able to produce 5 million meters/week. And at the same time, we make custom-made products on a daily basis. Our customers also appreciate our corporate values. For example, we have developed an ethical and CSR code of conduct that we are proud to share with them. And then we also have this strength, due to the plurality of our sectors of activity, which allows us to bounce back when a sector is down.

SATAB – Ethno-geometric braid

E.K: What are your latest successes?

M.P: We have been very successful with our “Respect line”. It is a line that we created from our best-sellers, but with an eco-responsible approach. This new line includes four CSR certified materials:

  • GOTS certified cotton
  • Recycled polyester with GRS (Global Recycled Standard) label
  • Tencel with FSC label
  • Linen with the Master of linen label

SATAB – Respect Line, recycled polyester, taffeta with dotted print

E.K: How many new trends do you release each year?

Amandine Cellier – Style Manager from SATAB: In our trend book “Be inspired” we present more than 350 new references each season, and of course we update our must-haves by the color. To Note that our best-sellers have an infinite life span since their creation!

E.K: How long does an item last?

Frédérique Cusset – European Sales Manager for the fashion division from SATAB: It varies a lot, from 6 months to 20 years. We have what we call an exceptional “rubantheque” in which we have archived nearly 30,000 references since the creation of the company. We also manage the archiving by computer.

E.K: What are the most perennial colors?

A.C: Red and blue, and of course black and white. But we can develop colors infinitely since we can dye on demand from 300 meters. We have for example 150 different colors of satin.

SATAB – Customisable satin with contrasting edges

E.K: What is your assessment of the February Première Vision edition?

M.P: A very positive assessment! We are back with our clients, especially those from Southern Europe. We also met many young designers and noticed a real demand for CSR products. In fashion, we have noticed a new attraction for dark colors illuminated by very bright, brocade aspects, and large colorful cords.

E.K: Thank you very much to all three of you for your valuable responses. At Carlin we know that it’s often the accessory that adds value to a product, so thank you for helping in that sense.


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