Les Puces de L’illustration

Come back to Puces de L’illustration in Paris, a little festival exclusively consecrated to illustration ! During two days, 40 designers got together to expose and sell their creations.

Trends, colours, styles or subjects… A breeding ground for young designers, really inspiring! Here are our crushes … Be careful Talent!


Agathe Singer 

Lil Sire

Antonin Faure

With sincerely freshness and colourful universes, we love fantasy & joyfully compositions of Lil Sire, Little scenes with technical gouache of Antonin Faure, but especially the colourful & graphic palette of Agathe Singer. She works on ultra stylized fauna and flora with a dazzling colourful style.


Jo Anne

Marie Casays

Estine Coquerelle

Alice Wietzel

Really popular now, work around body and nudity offer a variety of treatment. The most seen: positives/negatives contrasts. Fine drawing for Estine Coquerelle, suggestive framing for Jo Anne or colour sketch and decomposed movement for Marie Casays.

Congrats to Alice Wietzel. Her smooth harmony colour and sensitive composition bring a poetic eroticism with softness.


Pierre Poux

Simon Landrein

A pop & funny touch! We love the work of Pierre Poux. Mix between ancient statue and modern influence, compositions are crazy, funny and clean.

In the same way, the illustrations of Simon Landrein are graphic and pop. A playful storytelling with bright colourful flat tint!


All in shades of black, Silex Editions and Fanny Demarais are transported to poetry stories by surrealism and abstract style.

Fanny Demarais 

Silex Editions


Pauline Furman

Crush for all the creations of Pauline Furman. With a melancholy mood, her style is sensitive. Chiaroscuro is subtle. Scenes are fixed in a tinted softness.

Textile graphic designer

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