Looks and clothes also have their role in these « play lets » of our lives: they indeed offer the opportunity for brands to be indispensable, involve the intimacy of families by subliming the happy moments.

It’s time for sacralization of « happy events». Small or big occasions, any pretext to celebrate joy of life and happiness: engagements, marriages, baby showers, baptism, birthdays…
Actually preparation and decoration become a real part of the party. Festive moments are immortalized by photos, and all « go on stage » with pleasure to eternalize days of happiness.

New princess-line dress:
Right now for girls, fairy tales and new generation of romantic dresses

image 2

From left to right : Billie Blush, Miss Blumarine, STella Mc Cartney Kids

Fun little suits:
For the boys, classics are twisted bermuda-suits, vests & shirts with original « tie bows ».

image 3

From left to right : Bonpoint, C&A (en haut), Little Marc Jacob (en bas), IKKS, Stella Mc Cartney Kids

No way around the blazer, it’s key for all events: either in knit or oxford and long live dynamic details!

image 4

From left to right : Billy Bandit, IKKS, Paul Smith Junior

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