The somewhat abstract perspective of Brexit did not detract from London’s creative energy, it’s quite the contrary. British designers think positive and sign a downright exciting fashion-week.


Satin is the new Velvet

London turned the velvet page and now plays the satin card, fluid and floating. Often cut in asymmetry, the large satiny proportions slide on the body and accompany the movement.

To be noted : this season, satin also means monochrome total-look … or in camaieu option. It can go with another fabric as a duet, but treated in the same color palette. From now on, satin escapes the evening ghetto and finally discovers daylight.

Anything to say ??

Following recent political context, slogans and messages flourished everywhere, many designers acted in a kind of fashion-militancy way.

But in London, the idea was hijacked by playing the slogan on cute and fun mode, free of any form of claim, just to make it a pop and fun stuff. Oh-so-British!


Metallizations, again

In London, metallic surfaces take unexpected, visionary turns. If the reference to eveningwear remains obvious, some more hybrid options take over. One of the most interesting is to look at the connection beetween metallics and other associated fabrics.

Well, it is also about declining the different options: sequins, coatings, lamé …
If silver remains massively present, colored metallizations offer a alternative.


Let’s be clear, that’s what designer fashion is all about: unexpected telescoping, improbable associations, squeaking patterns … especially in London !


Thomas Zylberman

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