Fashion begins its revolution, the initiatives of the great Goliath against the timid but enviable projects of the little David. We can no longer count the number of fairs, talks, TED, events where the watchword is SUSTAINABLE. So how will you do in the world of decoration? The big winners are obviously all those who have chosen the second-hand business, as consumers are increasingly choosing to give a second life to objects rather than buying new.

But when you’re part of the network? What can be the alternatives to short trends as a retailer or manufacturer?

We have already seen a certain revolution with the emphasis on craftsmanship and made in local, the fact of privileging natural materials and of course this ode to plants. All these trends continue of course but in parallel, we can see new and deeper approaches affecting the brands in their intrinsic system. Without necessarily totally changing business models, some of them, on their own scale, are changing things and that feels good!

So the January session gave us the opportunity to see if this was general and we can answer a big yes! Maison et Objet celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2020, so the watchword was (re)generation! So it’s time for change, movement and questioning.

One way could ring by choosing natural materials, communicating on 100% bio-sourced products and believing in them, of course. This is the choice made by 3D CORK, a 100% cork tableware manufacturer. The Japanese collective, Blue 2 Tokushima, uses the pigment blue indigo to highlight the wealth of know-how in its city.



The ZD initiative – understanding Zero Waste. Buy in bulk, do not use plastic and/or disposable packaging, etc. This movement is reaching its peak and is itself creating new uses and needs. Bottles, bulk bags, etc. The already very famous and astute Cookut brand has therefore extended its offer to include all these indispensable items for a life “without”. Its cousin NuBento also offers us a wide range of healthy products, playing the card of woody communication and finally, if you want to compost, do it with class thanks to Skaza & its beautiful bins! Before being reserved for pure-players & organic shops, all these products will soon find their place in all types of shops since from now on all of them seem to be surfing the ZD wave…




Re-cy-cle is THE word. Several solutions are available to the players of the sector, which can have totally different renderings and fit into various styles. Ethnic, Design, Natural or Expression! This solution is surely the most efficient one. The one that offers an immediate and aesthetic result. The one is precisely the most popular at the show. Some brands here that caught our attention:

Original Home



Edit sustainably to offer a design proposal that lasts and offers an alternative in the editing world. It is the movement and the credo. To oppose to the faraway fabrications and the mass-market that is rampant in the world of kits and disposable furniture. The series serves the product. Designers’ projects must be anchored in reality. Fighting for beauty must rhyme with respect. We therefore went to meet editers who are close to this vision. Boutures d’objets, a new editor on the market, pays particular attention since all the materials used for manufacturing come from recycling: compacted windshield glass, building rubble, crushed shells, etc. Under the benevolent eye of its artistic director and designers, they then think about use and form through the reuse of its so-called industrial wastes. As for Vicara, they put Portugal in the spotlight and the raw material. All the objects are reminiscent of the Latin country and its know-how. NoMa, an editor who wants to make something beautiful out of something ugly, is also the one that stands out! Using recycled materials as much as possible! Above all allowing the consumer to separate his furniture kit by material, then putting each element back into the appropriate sorting bin, giving it the ultimate possibility to be used again. We are only at the beginning of an ecological conscience that another way of consuming will be.

Finally, the big winner and now the best known in the press around the project is Green Kiss. Held by 3 giants in the field and whose fame is no longer to be made … How could compete the other one on the market? And then, they have the contacts and the money to make “clean” and “beautiful“! Carlin takes sides… we’re not really convinced by this aesthetic, but above all, isn’t this just another green washing?

Boutures d’objets


NoMa Editions

Local always, Made in France, for sure! Here are two brands that seduced us. First for their aesthetics, then for their process. Small but thanks to their contemporary vision, they succeed in anchoring their creations in reality. The Norman Pixtil first had their jacquards produced by the Vosges Garnier-Thiebaud before becoming an integral part of the company. Customers were waiting for this old French brand to rejuvenate their products. This has been done thanks to the ingenuity of Pixtil’s digital jacquards! Simple, fresh and modern, that’s how we can define their linen collections. As for the Reunionese from Apprt2, their credo? To produce while promoting local materials, forgotten know-how and craftsmen from the Indian Ocean. Their design is inspired by these volcanic lands, the beauty of the island and especially its exotic woods. The result is astonishing for these designers who have experienced the Canadian cold before settling permanently in their warmful native land.



& you? What will you choose to renew yourself? To anchor yourself in this movement? Do you need a look, a click, a piece of advice? Don’t hesitate to call on our expertise in CSR for this unavoidable turning point for the survival of our planet and your brand!

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