Eleganza, from South to North

Scandinavian editors take inspiration in Italy and dare for sophisticated design.

  1. Broste Copenhagen
  2. AYTM
  3. Bolia International A/S

The Pink Harmonies

Pastel pink is still around… Mixed with burgundy, terracotta for a more elegant and sophisticated look

  1. House Doctor
  2. AYTM
  3. Rasteli

The wooden Beige & toffee brown

Neutral tones take inspiration in lightwood and caramel

  1. House Doctor
  2. Pols Potten
  3. Broste Copenhagen
  1. Louise Roe
  2. Serax
  3. Bloomingville

A purple rain

The favorite color of runways comes in Interior design, slowly but with success!

  1. Fermob
  2. By Lassen
  3. Bloomingville 

Carpet Mania

New must-have to get in your home collection! Graphical in excessive dimensions

  1. mapoesie
  2. 10surdix
  3. valerie_objects

Play with geometry

One shape, one object. Just play with them to make a collection!

  1. Petite friture
  2. Tom Dixon
  3. Lim & Lu

Gradient glass

Colored layers, creating an intimate atmosphere

  1. Dean Flowers
  2. Eloa Eloa
  3. Pols Potten

Patch me up

Cushions play with applications and patches

  1. House Doctor
  2. Ames
  3. Broste Copenhagen

White enamel

Tableware is randomly enamelled with authenticy

  1. Bloomingville
  2. Jars
  3. Barro

Watercolor tachism

Paintbrushes turn color marks into beauty

  1. By Lassen
  2. Notre Monde
  3. Klevering


Storytelling is drawn with a subtile hand

  1. Marimekko
  2. Woodhi
  3. Atelier Mouti

Tropical again & again

  1. Solo
  2. Bolia International A/S
  3. Harmony

Shapes from mythology

Used in a dynamic pattern

  1. Marimekko
  2. Petite friture
  3. House Doctor

Green branding

As we saw it in fashion, Green is taken over in Decoration, slowly but with success!

  2. Yfna
  3. Same same + video

Forecasting Stylist

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