We imagine it regularly dethroned by new colors, so omnipresent that it would be time to turn the page, overtaken by new shades, well no: pink never dies! A bit like the phoenix rising again from its ashes, pink – the real one – seems able of reinventing itself each season, of inspiring designers without weakening, of occupying space on social networks, of spreading to all supports, all materials and fabrics, and to adapt to all styles.
Discover our Meadowsweet pink and its multiple color possibilities!

Paul Smith

Goth Pink

Despite its candid and sweet nature, our Meadowsweat pink is able – oh surprise – to take on a dark mood, even crypto-goth tone.

Valentino / FSJ Shoes / LatestHairStyles

Intensité douce

Meadowsweat plays oxymorons: boosted by the intensity of a vermilion red, but at the same time, softened by a luminous powder tone.

MadeByChoice / Bluemarine/UrbanDecayCosmetics

Denim mood

An essential duo for the start of the season, greedy pink and denim blue rely on the interaction of color and textures.

Neeakurne / GetyImages / VintageMarket

Saturated contrast

The association of pink with a green of almost saturated intensity assumes maximum contrast in a deliberately artificial treatment.

Pinterest / Anit.Paez / Elle Decor

High-vitamin optimism

Surrounded by grenadine red and fruity orange, the Meadowsweat pink takes on vintage accents and plays the card of radiant optimism.

Peachinails / BlueSavanah / Christopher John Rogers

Tonic freshness

On the way to springtime thanks to the association of pinks with the minty freshness of a water green for a dynamic vibe.

Puma / LustHome / Casablanca

Fascinating textures

And finally, in a palette that combines Meadowsweet pink with tawny and intense browns, focus on surprising textures, on the effects of charisma-boosting materials…!

GCDS / Collville / FernandoLaposse

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