Special birth of beautiful universes and brands to discover very different approaches, but with leitmotif to make babies and moms the happiest in the world … 


MINIMIZ, discover, the first nomad sleeping bags, ultra-compact and lightweight  fit easily in their zipped integrated pockets. Offered in a range of plain or printed designs on innovative, certified and labeled materials.


MAISONNÉE – Maisie Audrey Belini, designer & founder tells through her objects a tale of life as fragments of childhood memories. The collection called Monstré is at once singular, sensitive and fun with a touch of craftsmanship, each piece is unique.


A personalized birth gift, something unique, ‘My little weight is a weight’; the weight of the baby at birth, it is elegant, pure and imbued with the identity of the baby. A symbol of a moment of happiness, it is at the same time an object of decoration and a precious ornament. 


QUINCY MAE, a collection of beautiful basics for organic babies in subtle colors, delicate micro prints made by Kelli Murray, an American designer and illustrator for the brand. A daily simplicity offered gently on organic brushed cotton jerseys in ultra soft or ribbed.


PETIT KOLIBRI an unconditional love for authentic organic and natural products with a commitment to environmental sustainability and fair trade. All the clothes are made by hand with a “supreme” alpaca wool most pure and sweet, and finalized with a collective of Colombian and Peruvian artisans.

Head Designer Women’s RTW

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