Rub, rub (to paraphrase a certain TV host) … and if we really took over the squeegee?

If until 1990 wallpaper wall decoration was the most used in the world since the paint and raw material had taken over. The wallpaper was more likely: out of the question to ask in our homes!

It has abandoned the rounded designs and full of 50s, abstract patterns of flowers in flat areas of the 60s, the patterned, almost psychedelic 70s, plaster imitations 90s look … Question? Question practicality? It seems that the choice of designs and formats no longer met our needs.

Yet, as we take care of our home that we wish our image perfectly: in a recent survey, 82% of French say they pay special attention to furnishings, equipment and decoration of their homes (1. )

Today, the memory of having to take off the papers of total looks walls of old houses fades and the wallpaper again a breakthrough. But beware, this new trend meets new expectations: real medium of expression, it is only willing, we hope it looks like us, you want to have fun with, and especially desired lighter, whether by his reason or his placement.

• True decorating accessory, wallpaper is now integrated into the thinking at the same level as furniture, rug, or its linens. It is made by key and agrees perfectly with the elements chosen for the part. The friezes are forgotten, the wallpaper is assumed and fully covers some selected sections of wall.

01. Jake Curtis House & Garden

Jake Curtis for House & Garden

02. HIROOMI TAHARA for Yamakawa Rattan - wrap collection

HIROOMI TAHARA for Yamakawa Rattan – wrap collection

• One can also take up the idea of diversion , putting wallpaper on such items as large closet doors , stairs or headboards Like the paper dominoté , real French flair of the late 18th century , which was sold by leaf and served mainly to decorate the interiors of closets or chests or to cover books or cardboard . The wallpaper is making a graphic touch on elements that so far have focused on the matter.

03. Giorgio Possenti pour IDEAT #115
Giorgio Possenti for IDEAT #115

04 a. the-dairy-house-by-skene-catling-de-la-pena + mapping carlin

04 b. Motif créé par Carlin

Skene Catling De La Pena – The dairy House + pattern and mapping Carlin

• Patterns meanwhile become lighter or graphics . The solids are nuanced , shapes overlap with refinement. Wallpaper plays with texture effects through reason: the volume appears subtly between the lines.

05. Motif Carlin AH 16 17 - Distraction

06. Motif Carlin AH 16 17 - Sincérité

Pattern created by Carlin – Autumn Winter 2016/2017

07. Motif Carlin AH 17 18 - Apparat

Pattern created by Carlin – exclusive Fall Winter 2017/2018

• This trend is illustrated through a true place of honor wallpaper, via two simultaneous exhibitions at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris until 12 June 2016.

The first exhibition celebrates the Pierre Frey, emblematic of interior decoration. Created in 1935, the House seeks to create furniture fabrics and wallpapers with motifs inspired by the encounter of an artist and his era, the past and of a place. The exhibition traces the 80 years of creation and reveals the inspiration and creation techniques that make Maison Pierre Frey so unique. Creative collaborations have proved it.

La Maison Pierre Frey of Decorative Arts . Right Image : Collaboration with Julien Colombier – Flashball © DR. Paper reacts differently to natural and ultraviolet lights .

08. La Maison Pierre Frey aux Arts Déco

The second exhibition , “Making the wall, 4 centuries of wallpaper ” exhibited for the first time 300 pieces of wallpaper collection. Structured around six themes that bring together different eras and modes of production , this representation reveals how the wallpaper can influence the different atmosphere of a place.

09. Faire le mur - 4 siècles de papiers peints

Make the wall, four centuries of wallpaper – exhibition of the Museum of Decorative Arts , Paris .

Thus, the squeegee comes to the forefront and at Carlin trend Creative Office , it inspires us !

You want to give pep to your basics ? You want to create exclusive designs , original and registered in your brand DNA ? We combine professional expertise style + dual marketing to assist you in developing your collections. Contact us!

Flavie Bénard

[ 1] Source: Survey conducted by the VIA and Sorgem cabinet, at the initiative of UNIFA in March 2015

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