After Boeing’s flying taxis last month, Seabubbles are demonstrating their flying boats in Miami

SeaBubbles, a French start-up that we already introduced in our Fall/Winter 2018/2019 IMPULSE book (Volume 1), demonstrated this weekend on Miami beaches, one of its 5 flying boat prototypes. The founders of the start-up, designed SeaBubbles as a way for cities to reduce traffic congestion and help the environment by taking advantage of waterways. These electric engines, inspired by both the nautical and aviation industries, use intelligent softwares to lift the boat’s hull out of the water. This innovative system limits energy consumption while allowing navigation on more difficult waters with reduced drag, as well as maintaining passenger comfort.

Source: Techcrunch – 17/02/2019



The high-speed rail of the futur

SNCF has just placed an order with Alstom for the new generation of high-speed trains called the “TGV 2020”. This new TGV will be 20% less expensive in terms of purchase, maintenance and operation, energy consumption will be reduced by 20% and delivery will take place by 2020.

Source : Stratégies – 19/02/2019


Deliveroo et Miimosa soutiennent la production locale

Deliveroo is collaborating with Miimosa, a collaborative financing platform dedicated to agricultural, food and energy projects, to launch an online pop-up shop for the delivery of local products between February 20 and March 6. Through this, they wish to express the importance of supporting the new generation of farmers that was highlighted at the agriculture fair. The website will give visibility to committed and quality productions.

Source : CB News – 19/02/2019

©Deliveroo press

©Fleury michon

Fleury Michon removes preservatives from its ready meals

Fleury Michon, having made a commitment 20 years ago to remove food preservatives from its ready-made meals, will finally achieve its ambitions in 2019. Indeed, the brand announces the elimination of food preservatives from 100% of its dishes by the end of the year. Nitrite is the only remaining preservative for the moment but the brand claims that its R&D and marketing teams are actively working on the removal of the latter.

To accompany this good news, Fleury Michon is developing with the buzzman agency, a new advertising campaign with the slogan “Food preservatives’ rightful place is in a museum”, “Ready-made meals to do nothing, not even read the label”.

Source : CB News  – 19/02/2019

Ikea baths on the Seine river

Ikea celebrates the launch of the first spring version of its catalogue by installing thermal baths on the banks of the Seine river, facing “l’île de la cité” in Paris, between March 1 and 3. Reservations have been open since February 18 on Ikea’s French facebook page.

Source : Stratégies – 18/02/2019



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