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You’ll soon be able to buy your new car… at Fnac! This is no joke, as Citroën is about to launch Ami (“friend” in French), an electric baby car that you might purchase real soon at Fnac and Darty in addition to traditional car dealers. Announced as the phenomenon of Geneva’s car show that couldn’t take place because of the Coronavirus epidemic, Ami met with success anyway. This new type of car, which a 14-year-old teenager is allowed to drive, has a 70 kilometers autonomous battery (for 3 hours of loading) for a 45 klm/h top-speed. That’s a very good friend to rely on!

Source: Citroën

CARLIN’S POINT OF VIEW: Ami at Fnac is a great symptom of the urban mobility micro trend. Bike, engine or even monocycle… electric gets affordable in city centers getting more and more pedestrian. The way to share the urban environment has become a big deal as the five-seat-car is still very present despite its age!


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The entire globe started to slow down because of the coronavirus epidemic. Less demonstrations, less employees in the offices, less pastas at the supermarket… but still the same amount of planes in the sky! Indeed, despite the incredible drop in bookings, air traffic doesn’t slow down and empty flights are even sustained. It’s all because of the European norms and the “80/20” rule which forces companies into sustaining at least 80% of their flights in order not to lose the specific airway to another company.

Source: Korii

CARLIN’S POINT OF VIEW: These absurdities stress a large scale system’s inability to take action when coping with a new tricky situation. Carlin has never believed in Agility as much as today!



As space agency Virgin Galactic announced its spatial ambitions last week, NASA just unveiled the most detailed Mars panorama ever seen. Composed of hundreds of photos shot between November 24th and December the 1st by the probe Curiosity, the 1.8-billion-pixel picture has been shot on Mount Sharp’s slopes in the « Glen Torrdion » region. Searching for any form of water on the red planet’s surface for more than 8 years, Curiosity should have a little sister very soon. The Mars Science Laboratory mission should launch a second probe from its Kennedy Space Center base in Florida mid July.

Source: Korii

CARLIN’S POINT OF VIEW: This space race shouldn’t stop any soon as NASA just presented its 21 billion-dollar-budget for 2021. The American agency is planning a second moon trip in 2024 for its Artemis project. Get to know more about it with our “Astral” 21/22 theme!


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Never in lack of inspiration when it comes to finding new experiences, Airbnb is now offering you the possibility to spend a night… in an elephant! And if the idea makes you fear poaching authorities, do not panic. The elephant is nothing more than a famous sculpture in the region of Margate (New Jersey). Indeed, the ninety-tone-baby is not that young for a baby elephant. Built in 1881, the twenty-meter-tall sculpture has been successively a tavern, an agency and a household.

 Source: GEO

CARLIN’S POINT OF VIEW: The last time we put people in an animal’s stomach, it ended with the Trojan war. But a one-hundred-twenty-three-euro-night is all but a poisoned gift.  

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