taco bell resort

Taco bell, a leading American brand in Mexican fast food, announced the opening of a hotel in line with its brand image. It will be located in Palm Springs, California, for a limited time. The official opening to the public will be on 9 August 2019 but the duration of the operation has not been specified. The interest is to celebrate the brand’s super fans and give them the opportunity to live an exceptional experience, immersed in the brand’s universe.

Source : cnbc– 16.05.2019

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In celebration of its 100th anniversary, Danone, the world leader in the food industry, announced on May 8 in Barcelona the free access to a century of heritage. The 1,800 strains of lactic ferments and bifidobacteria that are currently found in its research and development centers in Paris will be made available free of charge to the entire world. Through this initiative, Danone hopes to support scientific research, encouraging mutual enrichment and cooperation that will foster progress in the field of nutrition.

Source : processalimentaire– 13.052019

google AIR VIEW 

After London and Copenhagen, Google deployed its Air View project in Amsterdam on May 16, 2019. Street view cars are now equipped with atmospheric sensors for measuring nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, ultrafine dust and soot (particles that are extremely small and difficult to measure). Once the data is processed, it will be shared with scientists and other organizations. Google’s project is to map air quality not only in different cities around the world but also in different neighborhoods at a “hyper-local” level.

Source : cnet.com– le 16.05.2019






Uber is testing a new feature of its application at Portland International Airport. It is a PIN code system that facilitates the handling of large numbers of people in a restricted area (such as airports or big events such as festivals, concerts, etc.). So, once users order their UberX, they move to a dedicated service area. The PIN code will allow users to be put on a waiting list and drivers to take charge of people in order of priority.

Source : techcrunch– 14/05/2019

LIve transcribe update

Google revealed on May 16 the new update of its live transcribe application. The application was launched by the brand 3 months ago to assist the deaf and hard of hearing in their daily lives. From now on, in addition to transcribing conversations, it will also give the possibility to describe other sounds and noises (examples: ringing, applause, barking, etc.), thus providing more context and precision.

Source : presse-citron– le 17.05.2019



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