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Even though Mars is fascinating lately, Venus does not stay away. Indeed, NASA has developed the project BREEZE (Bio-inspired Ray for Extreme Environments) to learn more about this planet. The biomimetic concept is inspired by stingray fish to maximize the flight efficiency of gliders that can “flap their wings” and face the extreme wind conditions around Venus. This experience should help to learn about the gigantic banana-shaped cloud discovered in 2017 as well as the properties of the “dark side” of Venus.

Source :  University at Buffalo

CARLIN’S POINT OF VIEW: Between poetry and technology, space today allows us to explore inspiring innovations to perhaps live better tomorrow.



According to the Wall Street Journal, Google has collected health data from millions of patients in 21 US states through a partnership with Ascension, a network of Catholic hospitals (present in 23 states). This initiative known as “Nightingale Project” covers a lot of data such as name, address, date of birth, as well as hospital records, diagnoses, allergy information, medical history, results of laboratories, etc. Still, if this type of partnership is legal in the United States, the necessary information and also the consent of the patient and the medical authorities seem to have been forgotten!

Source : The Wall street journal

CARLIN’S POINT OF VIEW: Like other digital giants, Google has been interested in health for many years. Massive data collection used in development of software to improve artificial intelligence. This case reveals the issues – now relevant – of confidentiality and securing citizens’ data.


YOU’re single? LET’s CELEBRATE!

Single Day becomes the new Black Friday. Coming straight from the Middle Kingdom and launched by the Chinese giant AliExpress, this day dedicated to single people is an opportunity for giant promotions. Indeed, AliExpress proposes two days of festivity, November 11th and 12th. Thanks to a system of discount coupons, everyone can benefit from good deals. In England, TopShop has been participating for several years, as well as Marks & Spencer, via the AliExpress platform. In France, the number of searches Google increases and this year, Carrefour launches its own Single Day. The Single Day France website lists all the stores that participate (Boulanger, Fnac, Sephora, Marionnaud, Galeries Lafayette, etc.), including the firm that started this day, AliExpress.

Source : Slate



A real aerial battle has been led by FEDEX and UPS for a few months. In both camps, drone delivery attempts were made. UPS this week announced the success of the first two residential prescription drug deliveries to consumers in North Carolina. A first in the medical sector. The drone delivered the drugs from a CVS pharmacy with which UPS collaborates. The craft flew independently about 6 m above the delivery destination and lowered the package to the ground using a winch and cable. The gap is widening between FEDEX and UPS, those small steps accomplished from each part will revolutionize the delivery process.

 Source :  Technewsworld

CARLIN’S POINT OF VIEW: Still embryonic, the delivery by drone is only waiting for the evolution of the regulation and the acceptance by the public to develop…



The innovation giant, Apple, has launched a credit card, available only in the United States at the moment. This Apple Card is currently the subject of an investigation by the New York State Financial Department. Because some people noticed as David Heinemeier Hansson that his credit limit was 20 times higher than his spouse. Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, also raised an anomaly with the Apple Card. If these two acts are confirmed as a violation of the New York law, the consequences could be the end of the Apple card…

 Source :  TechNewsWorld


THE mEtamorphosIS

Motorola has brought to life the iconic RAZR released in 2004. This new model is at the same time modern and retro. This new version retains the brand’s iconic clamshell format while offering a cutting-edge screen, equivalent to the surfaces of modern smartphones. Motorola really mixes two epochs and two worlds between sci-fi and nostalgia his return is noticeable!

 Source : 01.net.fr

CARLIN’S POINT OF VIEW: By playing on the vintage trend, Motorola hopes to seduce the neo-nostalgic consumers who love Y2K design … So chic at 1499 dollars each!

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