Apple aims to make Siri more neutral, and especially less gendered. For this, an internal project to rewrite the way Siri, the voice assistant deals with “sensitive topics” such as feminism and the #MeToo. The world giant wants to avoid the humanization of Siri so that the assistant does not give its opinion on controversial topics. Siri’s answers are thus rewritten in favor of equality without ever mentioning the word feminist when a question is asked about it. Apple explains that “Siri must be monitored when it comes to potentially controversial content.” When questions are addressed to Siri, “they can be diverted … it is essential to remain neutral”.

Source : The Guardian 


CARLIN’S POINT OF VIEW: Like Alexa of Amazon, Apple adapts to contemporary requirements by changing the parameters of its artificial intelligence. The quest for neutrality becomes the increasingly important challenge of these media tools that will be asked more in the years to come …


The US Mars Desert Research Station has allowed students from different countries to turn their dreams into reality. In the desert of Utah in the United States, between the dunes of red earth and an arid and dark environment is a big cylinder of eight meters in diameter, which has 7 rooms of 5 square meters. We experience life on Mars, simulating the environment of the Red Planet. An extraordinary experience that also involves more and more students in engineering school. Between solar observation via telescopes for some or learning new farming techniques for others, these young people stand out with stars in their eyes and ready for a future departure!

Source : Le Monde

©Jeremy Auclair (Club M.A.R.S de Supaéro)

CARLIN’S POINT OF VIEW: While the majority of people seemed to lose interest in space, there is a new fascination in many countries. The moon, then Mars and the images sent back by Hubble give rise to new dreams of exploration, even conquests … Expectations to be discovered in the decryptions and creative transformations of our FW21/22 notebooks.


Nanotechnology researcher Charles M. Liever and neuroscientist Shaun Patel have designed a flexible nano-implant that mimics neurons to better treat degenerative brain diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and even stroke. A new approach more discreet and accurate than an implant that would offer a better observation of brain function, but also more precise treatments. For the moment, technology has not yet been tested on human beings, ethical issues still arise.

Source : Usbek&Rica



Self-service electric scooters have landed in our daily lives without warning. This new means of urban transport is heavily used in big cities and does not delight everyone. Scooters are often in the news, but not for good reason. That’s why Voi, a Swedish start-up company producing electric scooters, is launching a campaign to raise users’ awareness of city safety. The startup also inaugurates the first online driving school certified by the Swedish Road Safety Agency and accredited by the VIAS Institute for Road Safety, which allows drivers of electric scooters to test their knowledge of the rules of the road.

 Source : La Réclame 

©La Réclame

CARLIN’S POINT OF VIEW: The disruptive uses that are quickly imposed are often followed by reframing, whether legal or as here clever. Indeed, countering the controversy by offering useful + service is what is called “volunteering”. A marketing strategy that makes everyone the winner: the consumer user, the brand and the company!


Facebook Dating has just been launched in the United States! This dating app aims to make it easy for people to find a romantic partner and considers it easier to find love through what we love. Indeed, people are suggested based on our preferences, interests and other activities that we can do on Facebook. The goal is to help build meaningful relationships through things that we have in common, such as interests, events and groups. Facebook saves us time in this love quest by presenting profiles already filtering according to our expectations and tastes.

Source : Facebook Newsroom

©By Nathan Sharp, Product Manager, Facebook Dating

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