« How can we use fashion to carry messages, to impulse change in our ways of thinking? »*  asked Paul Levrez, founder of the OPEN MODE FESTIVAL, an event which, after its first large success last November, is very soon returning to Paris in order to offer us its open and decompartmentalized vision of fashion.

Paul Levrez, founder of the festival, wearing a sweater made by partner brand Ninii. © APOLLINE DUROUCHOUX 

Positioning itself as a Fashion Week “Off”, OPEN MODE is indeed the first large-scale fashion festival showcasing young French and European designers, while being free and open to all. About twenty designers were chosen to present their artistic universe to the public, among which young urban brands such as as Ninii or Maison Mourcel but also « beginners » or in other words young graduates of prestigious fashion schools (such as Esmod, Chardon-Savard and Lissa).

Designers showcased at the event. – DR

(1) Instagram – @openmodefestival  (2) @openmodefestival – Designer Stands in la Villette  

Paul wishes to « reconcile fashion with the general public », via free access to the event but also by breaking the rules of the conventional fashion shows. Indeed, OPEN MODE is a multidisciplinary festival daringly mixing fashion designers and urban dance crews by proposing the concept of « danced fashion-shows ». The textile creations are highlighted on the bodies of real dancers in motion, and the choreographies of the dancers are sublimated by the garment. The first edition of the OPEN MODE was a great success, with more than 15 000 visitors in the Great Hall of La Villette between the 17th and the 19th of November 2017.

The success of the OPEN MODE Festival seems to echo the one of CASA 93, a groundbreaking fashion school, also established last year in suburban Paris with a similar purpose at heart : the democratization of fashion. The objective of the founder, Nadine Gonzalez? To propose a free and accessible training without conditions of diploma, in order to allow young talents to enter this very elitist environment (with only selective public schools or very expensive private schools). As partners of the school, here at CARLIN TREND BUREAU, we were able to assist the students of this first class all year round, particularly on the realization of their collection inspired by the line 13 of the Parisian subway. Their fashion show was presented under the attentive eye of professionals of the fashion industry, among which was Maroussia Rebecq, founder of Andrea Crews, upcycling pionneer brand.

Fashion Show « the Line 13 of the future » by the students of Casa93 – Eric Garault

Instagram – @openmodefestival

From the training offer to the distribution system, new faces of fashion are born, and are enriching the conventional landscape. “I did not think of this project as « anti-system » but as something complementary” explain Paul Levrez. ” Fashion is the bearer of social rules, of a specific period of time, of social crisis also. Im trying to put back clothing in this cultural and sociological aspect. » 

On September 1st, OPEN MODE organized a small event in the « Cité Fertile » the new trendy cultural spot of the fall, in suburban Paris, with markets of young designers, exhibitions on ethical fashion and danced fashion shows. Just enough to give us a promising foretaste of what awaits us in the winter and to recharge our energy after the holidays.

*All quotes are taken from https://manifesto-21.com/open-mode-festival-pour-la-rue/


OPEN MODE Festival official returns on December 15th and 16th, 2018 in La Villette! 


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