Pascale Briand – Intimacy & Swimwear head designer: Hello Marc, before talking about your work, can you give us the main lines of your career?

Marc Paraskeva – Author photographer: The 80’s were rich in discoveries. First silver camera and first guitar, after years drawing and painting. Then music remained a hobby and photography became an exciting work: Professional lab assistant, fashion and studio assistant, freelance photographer. My curiosity led me to explore other equally enriching worlds: Cinema, fictions and documentaries, discovery of the emerging digital image, multimedia, editing, post-production, scenarios…before returning a few years ago to my first love : sensitive film and material.

Marc Paraskeva

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P.B: You define yourself as a Photographer. Is your priority to tell a story?

M.P: Yes indeed, whatever the themes I tackle, the narration and the intention are always the main threads. The people photographed can be perceived as fictional characters and the places as settings. My work of interpretation of the images also begins by naming them in an offbeat or fantastic way, which guides the viewer’s reading of them.

Alice’s Rabbit

Ghost Drying

À mon épouse


P.B: You use black-and-white photographic film as a medium for capturing images, but your work in color can sometimes make you think of traditional painting. What is your approach to these two practices?

M.P: It is a photographic practice, without hesitation. The preliminary work of shooting and laboratory take a decisive part in this process. If the photo as such does not seem interesting in form or meaning, it is rare that a color setting brings an additional interest,.But the return to the material imposed itself as an imperative and the work of color as an obviousness.

The last dance

Sophie on the sofa


P.B: What does this handmade coloring bring?

M.P: The color film itself already carries an interpretation. First by its design, then by the constraints of development and printing. I’m simply extending the technical limits by inserting a large part of the imagination. The only recollection of the colored atmosphere of the shot, of the people and places photographed, although less precise in time, seems more relevant to me. I only offer a subjective testimony on this subject. On this basis, I frequently reinvent colors that have never existed, but which seem to me more in line with what I perceived of the subject and what I want to say about it. It’s a bit like setting a text to music, in major or minor mode for example.

After the party

Dancing Queen

La quadrature du chat


P.B: Aren’t you tempted to develop this approach with digital techniques?

M.P: I am familiar with these tools and have been using them for a long time in the multimedia field. The almost clinical capture that digital technology can bring, even if it is very malleable, is no more sensitive than a manual and instinctive approach. The material has a life of its own and is versatile, which makes it unique and certainly more precious. The final image conceived in this way, unlike digital, is impossible to reproduce identically.

Red tree

Hidden foot


P.B: How do you decide on the colour? Do you have favorite shades?

M.P: It depends on the subject, but I quite like to contrast them. By confronting complementary ones in a rather crude way, for example. The intention, beyond the aesthetic, plays an important role. On one of the prints called “Stone Flowers” where a flower box is against a wall, the idea was to treat the mineral as organic and the vegetable as mineral. This play on the gap is often thought-provoking. Playing on the sensations that colour and its cultural symbolism gives us seems interesting to me.

Mother and son

Stone flowers


P.B: To stay in the feelings that colour gives us, what does Chesnut, Carlin’s colour of the month , evoke to you?

M.P: It’s a color that will be in season very quickly. I am lucky to be surrounded by nature, which will soon offer me an infinite number of variations. It will be a great opportunity to observe them and find an interpretation for my future work.

P.B: Thank you Marc, for taking us into your inspiring world!

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