This season, SIL revealed its space “Uncover”, curated by the founder of the site of seasonal must-haves “The Shape of the Season”, Matthieu Pinet.



An enclosed space, where the stands of young brands opened to visitors. A varied selection, echoing a new dynamic on the landscape of French and international trade shows: a modern and sophisticated willingness to open up to a wider, more lifestyle offer, rather than confining itself to a sector of activity. If the bridges between fashion and lingerie are no longer to be built, cosmetics and a more global offer of lingerie are welcome at the show, bringing a real dose of novelties.

Zoom on our favorites!






Delicacy and poetry of bodies could be the masters of Corporelle. Created by an art critic and a tailor in 2014, the brand rejects the prerequisites of Russian lingerie brands (immoderate taste for decor, push-ups, metal structures, etc.) to focus on essentiality and sensoriality of an ultrafine tulle. Result: graceful, feminine, refined models, worn with modernity by gently androgyn mannequins. Skin texture and delicate gestures are the strength of a successful lookbook, and the products, exposed flat on site reveal all their seams.

A (very) beautiful illustration of the Natural defined by Carlin in its Archetypes of Feminine 2017!



Screenshot of Carlin’s conference – “the archetypes of the feminine today and to 2019”





If the brand knew how to melt the press and bloggers, Henriette H is no less enticing! Her creator Sarah Stagliano embroideres the names of her lovers on panties with old-fashioned charm, and confers on the embroidery her letters of modernity and freshness. On the SIL, Henriette H also presented a particularly attractive new offer: the cotton white cotton pajama shirt, where the sleeve reveals a sweet word. By putting love and a frivolous, naughty attitude at the center of lingerie, Henriette H is part of a process in free and highly inspiring writing.






Major of promotion of Esmod in specialization lingerie, Paloma Casile makes its arms at Chantal Thomass and Cadolle before launching his eponymous brand. Collections that revive the flame of a sexy and feminine bondage, but never vulgar. The materials are treated in an ultrafine and delicate manner, and the assembly made in France respects the traditional techniques of the lingerie of high-end. Deeply feminine, provocative but highly glamorous, the style Paloma Casile echoes the modern seductresses.

What about lifestyle then?





Inspired by the traditional codes of high-end pajamas, mixed with the strong trend of lingerie to wear and city pajamas (as we had well told!), the creators of Maison Marcy have seen right. Clash of traditional prints, wide cuts and silk shirts, the collection attracts the eye and makes you want to go out on the street without step between our bed and the city, to strut cranny in front of passers-by dumbfounded.  Between cool elegance and codes of disillusioned dandy, the brand is inscribed at the crossroads of two worlds, for our great happiness.





If the name leaves little room for imagination, Erostick’s arty and offbeat concept has everything to please: a “sensitive” wallpaper, which revises the prejudices of conveniences and genres through an explosive graphic.  Body tangled, naked, enjoying flesh are orchestrated in the way of ultra-pop flowers. One way to shake the conventional wallpaper a little to “undress its walls as much as its mind”.





The favorite Lisboners care brand settles at the SIL. The recipes of care of Benamor have natural accents, gently retro, and packagings to the flamboyances of the Portuguese azulejos. A refined and delicate beauty brand, where retro blends with modern lines and natural gait.


And you, what are your favorites ?


Pauline Bonafous

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