In the age of #MeToo, of social media, of unquenchable thirst for buzz and hyper-individualism, dogmatisms have taken over the art of subtlety – nuances are simply not viral. Constructively discussing any subject has become virtually impossible, as each participant seeks to impose their own truth. Instead of listening to each other, they delegitimize their opponent. Beliefs are mistaken for certainties, as if doubts have become have-been.

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The return of puritanism ?

It is not up to Carlin to judge this fact, but we are clearly implied within the motion of this pendulum. Having worked for a plethora of fashion and lingerie brands for multiple decades now, we are more than eligible to comment on the fact that position-taking is becoming more and more radical these days.

Seduction in the lingerie sector, with its corny advertising representations, almost adorned with all the evils and responsibility, immediately refers to – without any subtlety – the woman as an object. The Aubade affair from December 2018 only proves this point; it is a brand known for always putting seduction forward.

The extensive usage of stereotypes, retouched and idealized bodies formerly accepted is nowadays cruelly rejected – and good so, perhaps, as the vast majority of women do not identify with such images. Long live body-positivism and acceptance of one’s own body and of one’s own beauty, more often than not miles away from the imposed standards.

The importance of self-esteem

If this movement is salutary in its core, it relies on one key notion: self-esteem. However this self-judgment, this self-evaluation is not something determined, intangible, universal. In fact, quite the contrary. Carlin is convinced that we are handling something very personal here, intimate and moving, guided by desires and mechanisms contradictory at times. Ultimately they lead us to the conclusion we ought to accept our own complexity.

The quest to find our own self-esteem thus cannot be designed without individual liberty, like choosing the lingerie we like ourselves, together with the accompanying visuals. Without any judgement or prejudice; no matter its style – sporty, conventional, extravagant or sexy.

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The challenge lies in rethinking the seduction codes (in the product itself, in its styling and its communication) so as to find the balance between acceptance, personal pleasure and the freedom to seduce – regardless if one is wearing a babydoll nightgown or sweatpants.

What concerns style and the choice of fabric, new forms of lingerie are in vogue now – something more simple and less corseted, something comfortable that at the same time offers support to the bosom, whether it is by innovative armatures or a brassiere-style bandeau. Be careful not to forget the silent majority, though.

Carlin can only rejoice at the rise in popularity of brands that boast refreshing creativity, that still make room for embroidery or for pretty fabrics (like Livy, a brand that mixes comfort with sensuality). The same applies to layering, the art of superposition of lingerie over other articles of clothing (think a nighty over a cashmere sweater), continuing in the logic of feeling both sexy and comfortable.

Likewise for Carlin and its storytelling agency 79C, the update to latest flavor of storytelling and the importance of editorial content in communication is very positive: to take space and time to tell a story, to allow oneself to go into detail and into subtle nuances to avoid making caricatures. Address all the women by restoring confidence and making the invisible visible again.

In order to attain this, we must first affirm strong convictions that are sometimes against the main stream.


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