Summer is over but the 2020/21 football season is just getting started, and fans are seing (only on a screen for the moment…) their idols playing with the new team jerseys. The 2020/21 season is a great year for creativity and innovation in the football equipment sector. Nike Senior Director of Global Communication Heidi Burgett announced that Nike will be “ditching away the template jerseys” and will let clubs and nations bring more creativity and identity in their jerseys. So let’s give you the INMOUV selection of the best jerseys of the season in terms of perfomance, quality, and creativity!

After the cancellation of the UEFA Euro 2020 Cup, due to the global pandemic, European teams had a second chance to show the new national jerseys on the field with the second edition of the UEFA Nations League, held between September and November 2020. Before the pandemic, football equipment leaders had prepared disruptive technologies and designs for that rich and intense football year. Therefore, let’s begin with the new textile technologies from football suppliers:

Nike Vapor Knit Technology

After 3 years of work with 3D printing, and 4D motion tests on hundreds of football players, Nike launched a “next gen Vapor Knit” technology, more breathable, anti-clinging and sweat-wicking. The new jerseys have been made to adapt to this generation of football players, fast and agile. All the Vapor Knit clothes have a 3D swirl-like effect places on sweat and anti-cling part of the body. The football equipement supplier leader is still trying to change the game and create the perfect performance and design jersey! And to go further in their innovation and desire to change the fashion industry, each football jersey is made with 50% of recycled polyester.



Adidas READY technology

After the famous period of Clima Cool,Rain.DRY, Wind.DRY, Heat.DRY and Cold.DRY jerseys, Adidas offers a new technology of jerseys with the “READY” collection divided in four textile technologies: Heat.rdy, Cold.rdy, Wind.rdy and Rain.rdy helping players to adapt their bodies to any kind of climate. However, for the new club and national jerseys, Adidas has bet on the Heat.dry tech (Due to the EURO 2020 schedueled in Summer).


Puma Dry Cell technology

Still using its Dry Cell technology presented first in 2017, Puma keeps creating warm, climate cool, dry, protecting from wind and extreme weather performance jerseys. Nevertheless, Puma isn’t afraid to be innovative in terms of designs. For the 2020/21 the brand has created a “crafted from culture” design strategy where each major football club jersey will have printed designs in relation to the history of the country, the city or the club.


Jersey made with Renaissance prints on the front of the jersey – Puma

Our top 8 team jerseys

8 – PSG home jersey

The retro jersey trend is still big this year but with 2020’s (features) and style! The PSG has created a jersey in honour to the 50 year anniversary of the club. The club used the Hechter design (made from Daniel Hechter, the designer of the most famous jersey between 1973 and 1988) with the blue-white-red-white-blue vertical stripes enhanced with the new Nike Vapor Knit tech giving the effect of giant finger prints on the side of the jersey.


7 – Netherland

The “Oranje” team is perfecting the historical orange jersey! The Nike jersey is enhanced by a big lion head drawn with dark orange geometric shapes on the front, in honour to the historical symbol of the Dutch royalty. Nike is really proving that bringing culture in designs can offer an impressive result on the activewear category.


6 –  Arsenal

In reference to the white and red Highbury Arsenal Stadium hall marble floors, the Gunners will play on their new stadium and in Europe with a crazy marble design, offered by the three stripes brand and its HEAT.RDY. tech.


5 –  Slovakia

Slovakia has never been known for its football jerseys. But the 2020/21 season could reverse the trend. With nike, the “Falcons” will play with a blue jersey with a mountain prints all-over remembering the landscapes of Slovakia. The jersey has a camouflage style that could really attract more fans and buyers for that new generation of jerseys!

Footy Headlines

4 –  Juventus

The third jersey from the Juventus Football Club is a great proof that fashion trends can inspire football artistic direction. The tie and dye trend is everywhere since the lockdown period, and after seeing it on TikTok or even on Prada and Stella McCatney runway shows, it is time for one of the best teams in the world to hop on the bandwagon with a black and orange tie and dye jersey made by Adidas.

Store Juventus

3 –  Nigeria

Every football fan remembers the crazy hype over the 2018 FIFA World Cup Nigerian Super Eagles  jersey design that has beaten the record of 3 million pre-orders. And for 2020 the Nigerian team comes back with a stronger cultural personalization (since the end of the jerseys unique template from nike mentioned before). The jersey is inspired by the traditional Agbada robes with different shades of green and serated lines that gives a complex and great looking result. And all of that bold design is created on the new Vaporknit next gen technology from Nike.


2 –  Beijing Sinobo Guoan

Less known in Europe, the top-tier Chinese football club Beijing Sinobo Guoan might make some noise with its 2020/21 home jersey from Nike. The jersey is fully printed with green parallelogram arrows and a color gradient going towards bright yellow shades on the chest, creating a powerful lighting effect, as if players where superheroes fighting with an electrifying energy on the football field. Sadly the jersey isn’t made with the new Vaporknit technology or we would have given it a 10/10 !


1 –  Manchester City

We’ve put Manchester City on the first position for its 3 first-class jersey designs. With the “Crafted from culture” strategy, Puma delivered 3 designs in relation to history of the city that couldn’t be more original and rich in details.

Home jersey

For the home jersey, puma has been inspired by the urban outwork you could see on the Northern Quarter neighbourhood, using a mosaic effect with on the historical colours of the club.


Manchester City FC

Away jersey

For the away jersey, the equipment supplier was inspired by the Castlefield and the Bridgewater canal architecture to create a navy blue ball-over pattern similar to the canals on a black jersey with a copper colours for the logos in reference to the industrial past of the city.


Flickr – Woodytyke

And our favourite one remains the Third jersey designed with an all-over sky blue and pink paisley pattern on a white jersey, in reference to the musical impact of the city between the 1960s and 1990s on the pop culture world.


Manchester City FC


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