Confinement week 4, a very promising spring equinox that marks our monthiversary. Resilience and patience will have to go the distance to make a difference. Days go by, still we remain, certainly confined but alive.

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Step by step, we grope along and learn to walk again. Once the shock of the abrupt slown down has passed, weeks follow each other. Some count days as won battles, others prefer bracketing time. Careful yet determined we move forward to a Future we both dread and wait for. I sit at my virtual desk to ask after you. Confinement restricts as much our moves and interactions as it intensifies our need to escape and explore.

A scent of freedom…

For lack of being able to put our nose outside the door for now, I invite you to see life in scents, in order to better perceive its colors. I truly bank on perfume’s emotional and evocative power to make you travel beyond your confined walls. Memory and emotions are very much at the heart of BYREDO’s creative project. I suggest you a deep immersion into the charismatic and visionnary Ben Gorham’s founded luxury house, in Stockhom, through the range that accompanies me day after day : GYPSY WATER.

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We have in common the sense of smell, still it remains very personal. It is connected to our olfactive history and is considered to be intimate. Mention is often made of the power of flowers, and what if it is all due to the power of scents ? Confinement forces us to the wall, alone or nearly so, facing ourselves, what place will be reserved for clothes and fashion ? After social distancing, which fashion styles will emerge ? Do we continue to get dressed behind the scenes sheltered from the sight of others ? In short, is quarantine the golden age of Comfy(nement) ? The same questions shake up the beauty industry but I, for one, think that fragrances follow another path.

“My soul travels on the smell of perfume” C.Baudelaire

Confined perfume enthusiast, I did not, however, give up my fragrant routine. On the contrary, more than a gesture, this emotion creator and memories booster ritual brings me a sensation of great comfort, well-being and escape. GYPSY WATER. The mere name of this perfume wraps me up and carries me away. Its notes invite me as a music from the soul, to a journey out of time (and out of my appartement).

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BYREDO vogues against the tide. Far from the ever frantic product development cycles, no sooner released than forgotten, BYREDO singles out the preservation of know-how and longer design times, to create fine fragrances, that transcend the notion of fashion and time. Do not go by the refined and clean aesthetics of the perfume bottles, it only enhances the fragrance that is at the core of this highly creative message. BYREDO perfumes are a forever new discovery, an invitation to travel, in your memories and emotions.

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Each creation, beauty product, leather of fashion accessory translates the brand’s insistance on perfection, the laggom (right balance) between sobriety and thrilling creativity, the taste for beauty and quality, typical of BYREDO. I was seduced by the accurate yet liberate and spontaneous approach of the luxury brand, it diffuses an art of living and feeling.

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Fragrances have a true impact on our mood and state of mind. Event the finest words turn out to be incomplete, inaccurate to translate the intimate emotion in the moment of discovering a perfume. BYREDO fragrances liven up memories and give us back moments of life. GYPSY WATER is for me a lively accord of sensual notes. It has been thought of as an ode to Romani culture’s distinguished way of living, and the beauty of its unique customs, my daily escape routine. A few drops directly on the skin, in the neck or on the wrists are enough, the magic just happens.

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What is the GYSPSY WATER sensation ? A boho sensual eau de parfum, where woody notes of pine needle and sandal wood associate with aromatic (citrus) and oriental (intense amber, vanilla) accords. For the hair, I use the delicate gesture of hair perfume, that scents hair lengths and leaves it luminous, nourrished, subtly diffusing a soft fragrance in your wake.

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The hedonistic properties of fragrances do not require proving. BYREDO’s vision particularly resonates in the current context. Emotions, the power of memories point to a new meaning while in confinement. Some regard perfume as versatile and superficial, an accessory we can not see. I personally believe it is simply essential. An olfactive signature that talks about ourselves, the expression of a personality, aspirations and individualites. As well as a fashion style does, the perfume contributes to the inner and visible self. To cultivate and save it helps to punctuate an upside down daily life.

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Wear dreams and perfume…

Carlin trendspotters think about you and miss you. Out of sight, near the heart as I like to say, we stay connected to you everyday, will it be thanks to our articles, contents, webinars, fashion insta stories or even from our reclaimed kitchens. Any reason is a good reason to show we follow you. We will continue to give you a scent and keep you up to date during and after these heckled times.

Take care


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