The appointments dedicated to the world of childrens fashion were held in Paris from 26 to 29 January 2019. Two different looking events with different formats to brighten your curiosity about the next winter 19/20 collections.

The PLAYTIME show presented  more in terms of contemporary brands, bohemian, lifestyle and  KID WEEK focused  more on fashion with its new KID APARTMENT space and showrooms. 

The creative gang Trends space agency INSTINCT

The tech nomads Trend spaces agency INSTINCT

The common thread for these two events is a spirit that is cool and friendly and with a family theme, whether it’s the one we have grown up in or the one  we have chosen for ourselves (the tech nomads / the creative gang  / the committed family / Forum trend PLAYTIME)

Through these different universes, the CARLIN eye decrypts the essential imputs that you should remember for this season and for your next ‘to-do-list’.

Autumn reds

Terracotta brick with gourmet beiges, honey and caramel.

The Little Wooden Peg

Happy mom


Delicate minerality

From greyhound, almond, forest to Prussian blue, the new marine.

Quincy Mae


Misha and Puff

To mix

The reddish and bluish tones with accents of roses or oranges

Ketiketa and MarMar


Sweet comfort

Plush fur teddy and corduroy or fancy

Rylee and Cru

Timber and Bluff

Hello Simone

 “Checkmania“ or Gang Tartan

From the trendiest to the most classic.


Le petit handmade


Playful geometry cut out

In jacquard or retro print, in patches and typo, in neo-camouflage arty street

hello Simone and Misha & Puff

Wolf & Rita

Mum of Six and Papustories

Tawny mood

Rebel tachiste, recolored version, metallic or more authentic from mini to maxi.

Louis Louise and MarMar

Tiny Cottons and Moccamoccs


Bohemian folk or romantic bucolic

Flowers invade blouses, dresses and rompers with ruffled details.

Belle enfant and Quincy Mae


Bonheur du jour and Louise Misha

Head Designer Women’s RTW

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