According to the adage, we usually want what we don’t have, or we understand what it’s important when we lose it. Who has never switch off its alarm thinking about how much bed was the best place in the world and dreaming about staying in all day? Well, there we are! Face to our bed for one month… at least, WHAT TO DO?


Among our favourite interrogations, that one: are we going to end up fat and alcoholics?

FALSE! Have you noticed the rise of joggers in the street?

However if we take the proper definition of quarantine, meaning a state or a period, a place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed; let’s focus on home workout. Many possibilities! Darebee? Your best ally to achieve your fitness goals, with strictness and discipline. Tested and approved, the online coach Sissy Mua makes you sweat every day at 6PM on her live @teamtrainsweateat ! For a sweeter and more relaxing alternative, go on ELLE magazine YOUTUBE channel to practice Yoga sessions adapted to each one’s level. Even the government is encouraging us by making its application, certified by the Sport minister, totally free!


Goove app

If working out is a thing, eating is the logical thing that follows ! And if it was the perfect timing to play Cyril Lignac and challenge yourself with cooking defiances? The chocolate fondant by Philippe Conticini, the olive green roasted blue lobster with delicious juicy cannelloni by chief Philippe Bohrer, or why not the so famous spaghettis à l’amatriciana, won’t be secret for you anymore. Take your saucepans out and go cooking!

The olive green roasted blue lobster with delicious juicy cannelloni by chief Philippe Bohrer

As far as for the second part of the interrogation: and alcoholics ?, dry confinement seems to be a difficult challenge (and we have already tried dry January…). Indeed, you can’t miss the birth of the HOUSEPARTY application. More playful than Skype or Facetime, here is the ideal solution to settle down the e-aperos routine and don’t lose social link! Yes, indeed, wether you considered yourself being a bar regular or home lover in, keeping in touch with your relatives is the most important thing for every human being!

Saying visio, implying good-looking!

Christina Cordula has confirmed that, staying at home YES, but not without taking care of yourself. At the contrary, maybe it’s the perfect time to classify your socks by colour, to properly test all your Birchbox samples, to space out your shampoo sessions (indeed washing your hair every day is very bad for their health!), to encourage second-hand clothing initiatives selling what you won’t wear anymore on VINTED, among others.

We can also embellish and enrich our intellect thanks to many cultural incentives.

MET, MOMA, Van Gogh Museum and Paris museums, got it all! Thus, from now on, you can find all their pieces of art online. The website “Museosphere” also offers an educational path for youngers. Ballets lovers are not outdone since the Opéra de Paris has made available many of its shows on its website, same for la Cinémathèque, that offers 800 masterclass, essays and conferences in videos.

For the books lovers, here is the right book at the right time: Into the Forest. This anticipative American novel by Jean Hegland, speaks about how, in an undetermined future, two sisters have to learn how to survive in a Californian sequoias forest whereas the technologically dependent society is collapsing. They have to face isolation, to manage their food stock and to deal with the lack of information about the evolution of their civilization. To sum up: a good survival guide and content to put things into perspective at this harsh time. And for more literary jewels, FNAC helps us through: all the e-books are free!

All things considered, a new way to live is at stake! And if the guide word was resilience?

Indeed, we are tempted to under estimate our ability to psychologically support life hardships and to adapt. Some explicative theories about why this virus has expanding so quickly and worldwide talk about a SOS sent by the planet. That planet which was constantly claiming for its preservation and a reduction of our consumption… Nature in search of its rights back? Anyway, mother nature seems to (re) breathe and there are already some proofs about it. Do you know that for instance, thanks to the tourism slow down, Venice canals are clean and dolphins can now swim there peacefully?

All in all, dear readers, to allow us to breathe again, such as our dear friends, the animals, let’s do all the activities we can, respecting the quarantine rules. Let’s go on with inspirations, talks and astonishments!

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