We are about to start the third week of quarantine!

Still face to our bed BUT with some news abs showing, our heart struggling between Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie or Charles Bukowski, and probably a new marital status: single, widowed or future mum (in that case, you should consider stopping Houseparty pre-drinks…). New life habits are appearing, in where ZOOM (professional tool used by companies to do visioconferences) has clearly made his place.

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A new cruising speed surfing on the key word: resilience.

Yes, you know that one’s ability to overcome painful moments of existence and to develop himself despite of adversity. We can do that thanks to the companies that make us consider our usual consumption differently.

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And if we go take a look through all that professions full of inventiveness, imagination and flexibility to help us doing things with resilience?


What it comes to our mind first, it’s cultural and artistic professions for which we can wonder: how to make the coercion exquisite?

Apart from museums, operas, books and galleries, that we can look over virtually and freely online (cf our first article “quarantine instructions book #1”), some initiatives keep on blooming to maintain dream, entertainment and escape for our confined. We can talk about numerous cultural revues that are now free online for one month, such as Beaux arts, Numéro or even more specifically Voiles et Voiliers.

Cine also plays the game since even if you still have to pay for Netflix and Amazon Prime, you can have access to 1150 long and shorts films on openculture.com. For the first time in its history, Canal + is clear for everybody. Orange offers to its subscribers the access to 4 OCS channels and 5 channels for kids. 

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Since March 10th, the NIA (National Institute of Audiovisual) has opened its new streaming platform “Madelen” with a new SVOD premium offer (13 000 contents for 2.99€…) and so much more! Without quoting that Pornhub France is now free (yes, we like to copy our Italian neighbor)

Quid of fashion?

We couldn’t turn a blind eye on Simon Porte Jacquemus inventiveness for instance! Indeed, that designer, glorifying sun, lightness, South of France, seen as « the little prince of fashion » has encouraged all his followers to think with their imagination to realize human faces with objects from everyday life. Thus we could have seen eggs instead of eyes, necklaces of pearls becoming smiles, fruit and vegetable for earings…

This is not trivial that the French Institute of Fashion has requested him to give fashion class online, side by side with other famous names such as Paul Smith or Christelle Kocher.

Fashion Weeks are not left aside. Even if some were postponed or cancelled, you may have had the pleasure to discover the first Fashion Week in the World on livestream, the Shanghai one, from March 24th to 30th!

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Beyond this issue concerning the consumer’s culture and imaginary, what is also at stake is to keep going its activity despite the situation. So, how to keep making business whereas all the budgets are frozen and even the stock exchange is feeling the cold… How do companies make a stand against this first-of-its-kind sanitary crisis?

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Some are comparing what we are going through to historical War times. As for, many companies are requested to offer their support to the making of necessary “arms” for this 2020 War version!

Here, the sinew of war seems to be … masks, that renowned scraper of tissue that is the mandatory gate against Covid-19. Shortage? Not for a long time! Between the tutos Do It Yourself and all the brands starting to make masks to help… Among them, we take an applause to Décathlon, which actually shares its best-seller masks for snorkeling to support the research, Saint James that re organize its studios to produce textile masks washable, just like New Balance, or even Tissuni, that community that creates masks made by tissue for the non-nursing staff…

(NB: Above esthetics, there is well and truly fabrication norms to respect in order to make masks sticking to the sanitary rules)

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Second sinew of war, I point, hydro alcoholic gels! Not planning any shortage either since L’Oréal, LVMH, Pernod-Ricard, among others, are showing solidarity and are going to dedicate a part of their factories to their fabrication.

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And so, as in War time, industrials have to adapt their activity to contribute to the “War effort”!

Ferrari is going to help the making of breathing devices, such as PSA which is going to open once again its factories to make artificial ones. In another category, Panzani optimizes its rhythm of production focusing on the faster references to produce. Sovereign professions are directly impacted too. Some helicopters carriers from the Marine are transformed into floating hospitals. You can even talk with the French government on Whatsapp regarding your administrative requests.

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However it’s not just about coercions! At the contrary, in that situation, some companies are trying to make it profitable for them, diversifying their activities and strategies, in order to make a difference with their competitors.

We can take the amazing example of little cooperatives trying to cope with.

Instead of going in the big groceries shops, why not shopping at the little producers next door?

A contrario, even Fast food chains are taking advantage of that crisis. Indeed, one of the leaders, Burger King has transformed its traditional motto “Home of the Wooper” into “Stay at Home” striking the rest of the motto out! It’s even the right time for them to reveal some recipes special quarantine!

Home of the Whopper © Burger King

Who is going to be the winner of that crisis? You will see the result in one (or two) months. One thing for sure, at the end of that quarantine, we will never consider our consumption the same way…

As far as Carlin is concerned, we are very much attached to keep the connection with our community, whatever it takes, remaining inspirational, challenging and creative…

You can catch us every Thursday for a “Café Culture” break via Webinars!


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