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While the country is coping with a dreadful lack of surgical masks, the solution could com straight out of a Décathlon’s aisle ! Indeed, its very large snorkeling mask – yeah, we talk about underwater excursions at Carlin ! – that we’ve seen a lot on beaches these last summers, is quite effective at protecting against unintended spits. It could improve respirators’ performance just with an additionnal valve. But we still have to be careful as experiments are being carried out. Suppliers have also slowed the enthusiasm down as the mask’s effectiveness hasn’t been certified yet.

Source  : France Bleu 

CARLIN’S POINT OF VIEW: It is still stricking to see how we are able to improve ourselves when facing a crisis. Carlin is going to dig that instinctive creative trend furthuer soon with our upcomming “Happening” theme.

DAY 8: (FOR) Ever clean hands

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Seven seconds to sanitize your hands ! That’s an encouraging record in these hard epidemic time. And it’s all thanks to the french startup EverCleanHands with its terminal using hydro vegetal gel. Working as a big hand-dryer, it doesn’t need any physical interaction. If it had been designed for companies’ restaurants at first, it might arrive in public spaces quicker than we though. Bacteries tend to developp really fast there, as we all know now.

Source : Creapills

CARLIN POINT OF VIEW: Founded way before the epidemic, this startup bet on the right horse with these potentially reccuring public problems.


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Everyone is currently looking for a way to support to collective effort : kind words, clapping at 8 p.m, generous help to elder. But three rival crowdfunding platforms have decided to ally to create “Les Paniers solidaires”. KissKissBankBankUlule and MicroDon gathered to offer baskets full a staple goods to needy people : caregivers, isolated and old persons or homeless. Representing a 30-euro-help, each basket provides enough food for 3 days in quarantine, for 2 persons.

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CARLIN’S POINT OF VIEW: People take some many actions and everyone gets more generous and supportive. But will we be able to keep on going after the quarantine ?


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Whether you try to open it with your foot or with your elbow, you can’t deny that the problem to use any doorknob has get taugher. A struggle that the belgian company Materialise, specialized in 3D printing doesn’t care for. With its simple plastic tab that you just have to clip, you can now open your door hand free ! The company has even announced that it freely gives away the mockup so that everybody can print one ! That’s one of kind solution to lock out the problem !

 Source : Business Insider

CARLIN’S POINT OF VIEW: Once again imagination proves that the solution is never very far and that you might find yours… at the door !

DAY 11: 1 km later…

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If practicing an individual physical activity has been forbidden yet, you still have to follow strict rules : one hour and one kilometer around your living place, no more. So in order to escape the heavy fine for not following the rules, Aymerick Dupouey just launched With a simple clic, the web site defines for you where you are allowed to pratice without suffering from a severe injury… of 135€.

 Source : 20 Minutes 

CARLIN’S POINT OF VIEW: While rules might harden, these very simple yet effective ideas  reduce useless tensions between citizens and police officers.


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