Art : Lionel Estève / Photo : Thomas Zylberman

Eclipsed for several seasons by the omnipresence of pinks in fashion and decoration, red is waking up and regaining power. Still emerging in the current season, this color will be everywhere during the next round of fashion weeks, let’s bet it! Embodied by Racing Red in our trendbooks, it is expressed in our Dare theme in a dynamic and ultra-energizing way. But this color has great adaptability and can be combined with similar shades, in monochrome, or on the contrary assume maximum contrasts, with other strong colors or graphic neutrals. Let’s discover here the multiple incarnations of red:


In the continuity of our Turbo Turquoise, a very dense peacock color creates a magnetic contrast with the red.

Bottega Veneta / Born Rebel Stylist Mag UK /


Red joins forces with its fierce competitors, pinks, for a cheerful and positive dynamic, already employed in its time by Mr. Saint Laurent.

Victoria Tomas / Andres Reisinger / The Marc Jacobs


This is the most stimulating pairing of the season: the craze for mauve and lilac inspires us an unexpected association with red.

WhoWhatWear / We Heart It / Shaun Leane / Collar by Monta Aspane


Oranges also benefit from remarkable trend timing; they are intensely blazing associated with red and a hint of brown.

Ottolinger / / Unravel


The emergence of an epic and theatrical, even gothic mood, supported by the knightcore trend, with reds in chiaroscuro.

Xuebing Du / Raf Simons / Tim Walker for Vogue UK


Radically graphic, here is the announced come-back of the red-black-white trio, resuscitated from 2005/2010 years, ready for a new wave. / / Instagram@harsby / Vetements


The classic combination of red and blue becomes surprising with cerulean azures that challenge our certainties.

Getty Images / sarah.feingold / onlinewoordeelshop /


Statement of the season: Beige is the new Black! A timeless challenge for our Racing Red in neo-chic design mode.

Erin O’Keefe / Zoe Ghertner Vogue US / HOOR

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