VIP client of Carlin Creative Trend Bureau for more than 4 years now, the jeweler Maty just launched his iconic line baptised Vesontio.

A beautiful creation of which we will reveal the genesis today: the brand’s issue was to both create an innovating and singular line in terms of style as well as being part of the brand’s DNA  and a conveyance of meaning.
It is with this purpose in mind that Carlin has accompagnied Maty on the project, while revisiting the history and proposing several creative directions, symbolic and significant.
Out of the  different proposed scenarios, it’s the one of the watchmaking , historical know-how of the house, that has been selected : Time,  know-how, transmission have been the values that have guided this procedure, that  falls in  with both the history as well as the futur of the brand.

image 1


In terms of design the savant intricacy, the clockwork’s  imbrication have served as an inspiration base. Stiling with elegance and refinement a clockwork’s mecanism has been a fundamental phase in the conception and the design of this line.

An iconic line posssible to reach a large clientele, Vesontio is presented in a elaborated , almost ornamental version, up to a more minimal and epure version, very contemporary.

image 3


Finally , the name, element of mistery, reveals another secret , enrolled in time : since it is all about  the name of the Gallo-Roman city of which the site is nowadays occupied by the town of Besançon, historical birthplace of Maty.

A line that evokes the roots of the brand, its know-how and coming up history and to which Carlin Creative Trend Bureau wishes a big success.

To discover the complete Vesontio line :

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