Produced by the design agency Carlin Creative Trend Bureau with Selective Line’s Marketing team, this book reveals the design trends identified for 2018 from which new bottle shapes and decorations are imagined. The style book is presented to customers and design agencies to inspire their future developments. 

This year, 3 trends have been decrypted. They have inspired the new bottle shapes and decorations produced by Verallia’s décor companies, Saga Décor and Verallia Polska.


Intense experience, in a precise staging.

Here patience is brought to the fore and the staging is dreamlike.

The decoration produced on the ATLANTA bottle for Rosé Art is a perfect illustration.

The multiple details of feathers, roses and vegetation all intertwined are black screenprinted, with finesse and delicacy.


L’intensité de la découverte, qui déroute et qui intrigue.

Ce courant explore le clair-obscur et fait l’éloge du brut sophistiqué.

Le décor réalisé sur la bouteille OSAKA Black Sunshine en est une interprétation avec un laquage noir s’estompant vers le haut assorti de multiples effets de textures et de visuels : marbre, lignes dorées sur noir intense, pierre granit…


Intense present moment at the heart of a colored naturality.

To conclude on a high, Carpe Diem reveals a new authentic but cool craft and proudly claims the need to refocus on the present moment and let go.

The decoration produced on the TOKYO Limoncello bottle expresses this sublimed and colorful naturalness aided by Saga Décor’s ink-jet printing.


Selective Line is Verallia’s premium international brand for glass bottles. Since it was founded in 2008, Selective Line has harnessed Verallia’s unique manufacturing expertise to cultivate differentiation, innovation and customization in supporting its customers with their glass creations. A resolutely inspired brand…


An independent group, Verallia is one of the world’s top three manufacturers of glass packaging for food and beverages, and offers innovative, customized and environmentally-friendly solutions. Verallia produced around 16 billion glass bottles and jars in 2016. Verallia’s business model is based on combining the strength of its global network (manufacturing operations in 13 countries, sales locations in 46 countries with 5 technical centres and 13 product development centres) and local customer relationships in all regions. In 2016, Verallia achieved net sales of €2.4bn.


Since 1947, CARLIN has anticipated consumer trends worldwide and converted them into creative leads.

Among the brands who have placed their trust in the company: L’Oréal, Oenobiol and Clarins for the beauty industry; Samsung, LG and Mitsubishi for High Tech. And not forgetting Selective Line by Verallia, since 2016.

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