Confined yes but in tidy and all sorted interiors. To fight anxiety and keep our concerned minds busy, many of us have started out a great spring cleaning.

To deal with the current uncertainty, everyone needed to regain control of their closet, cupboard or toilet bag, as if to organize their thoughts. After hitting the reset button, now is the time to do some soul searching. What remains for us exactly ? Therefore starts further thinking regarding our consumption and the products worthy of this new and virtuous routine.

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See cleanly

This good tidy-up has invited us to return to our roots. After countless weeks of lockdown, far from any temptation, we got back to basics. Already very sensitive to these issues, it seems to me fundamental to be able to choose one’s cosmetics with confidence. Progress has been made in the industry, serious references – Oh My CreamSeasonly – already help us to see more cleanly. But in this unprecedented situation, stuck between anxiety, distrust and untimely self-questioning, I admit having found great comfort in the arms of BOTIMYST brand.

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The power of Clean

At odds with alarming and guilt-provoking speeches, this new e-tail key player, hopefully soon retail actor as well, decodes the best in clean cosmetics. BOTIMYST adopts a position resolutely benevolent and transparent to help you find your worry-free beauty essentials. Because there really lies the issue at stake: reassuring and accompanying consumers in the radical shift they are going through. “Everything will be ok”, as a mantra to repeat to yourself without restraint, that gives the feeling of no longer being alone facing mankind responsabilities.

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Crystal clean

BOTIMYST’s major contribution is its educational approach. Caught between communication campaigns that make you feel giddy and dissuasive scan app ratings, it is difficult not to get lost sometimes. Fear of the unknown ? BOTIMYST makes clean cosmetics clear and instils serenity and pleasure into beauty products’ purchase. The ingredient is no longer a taboo subject, the formulation of the rigorously selected products is explained and misconceptions are cleared up. BOTIMYST helps us to solve the formulation case thanks to its ingredients Charter, as a result of the collaborative work of experts.

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Better clean than sorry

There is no room for greenwashing, nothing is left to chance : BOTIMYST has a 360° understanding of clean, besides product formulations, packagings and brand communications are examined closely. BOTIMYST does not surf on fear-based marketing to lure customers, the brand fulfills consumers’s growing need for transparency and trust, combining benevolence and exigency.

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Clean is the new glow

BOTIMYST reconciles sustainability and desirability for our greatest pleasure and the Earth’s. The brands does not give up on sensoriality either on efficiency of the formulations, and fosters an uncompromising and non-punitive vision of sustainability. BOTIMYST reminds us wisely that the clean ingredient is not necessarily 100% natural, Mother Earth’s resources will not last forever…

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The brand demonstrates its creativity on social media to maintain the relationship with its confined community. It conducts playful and educational initiatives, distills its worry-free philosophy while staying true to its DNA : mythVSreality, BOTIMYST detective to sort the truth out, not forgetting the Pile Poil award that makes so many people happy!

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