Heard for the first time by The North Face CEO Michael Horsch in 2019, talking about his outdoor puffer jackets worn in each great city across the world, outleisure is a new category in the outdoor sector. Like the American brand, outleisure garments are adapted to extreme conditions, but mostly worn in urban areas due to the comfort, design and technicity that they offer. Indeed, today outleisure is gaining power in outdoor and fashion leading trends. For a few seasons now, some strong and weak signals are drawing a bright future for this new category, comparable to athleisure’s explosion ten years ago.

Outleisure and its core values?

Outleisure is a movement shrinking the gap between urban nomad individuals and nature through clothing and equipment equally adapted for their daily lives and the discovery of new natural areas around them. Outleisure is targeting a type of consumer that isn’t looking for physical performance, but comfort and adaptability in their clothes for his/her weekend hikes, as well as his/her bike rides in the Parisian or New Yorker cold winter.

Outleisure is defined by two core values, comfort, and safety. Natural and cities are two risky environments, and outleisure’s first role is to limit those threats through fabrics and design, ingeniously thought to offer an optimal experience for the targeted consumer.

Just like athleisure, outleisure targets are a consumer category which isn’t only looking for comfort, but also aesthetic. Even though these garments are made to protect him, the consumer is looking for trendy technical designs, colors, and fabrics. That is why outleisure clothes need to be as qualitative in design as their ability to adapt to the environment where the consumer uses it. Thus, outleisure opens de doors to a myriad of possibilities on both technical and aesthetical levels, by answering to strong values binding together nature, urban lifestyle, safety, design, and comfort.

Who offers outleisure today?

Today, a few brands are already using the term “outleisure”. The German brand Schöeffel is one of the rare brands to offer a full collection of outleisure equipment, with jackets, windbreakers, stretch pants adapted for work and relaxed and comfortable shirts in lyocell. The main purpose of the Schöeffel collection is to make daily fashion comfy and technical, helping to face the environment with style!

We could also mention the Norwegian brand Oldo who developed a large “outleisure “collection of 43 articles all adapted for the discovery of nature for nonperformance-seeking targets. The collection uses sustainable and comfortable fabrics with fancy prints giving a small “plus” much desired by these new outdoor fans.

Schöeffel jacket Eastleigh

Odlo : Halden Jacket

Despite the absence of the term outleisure, many leading brands use its codes in their recent collections. For this matter, our INMOUV experts will develop during the outleisure showroom trends, fabrics and designs guiding those brands to dominates in that fast-growing market!

Some signals already showing the potential outleisure

Several determining factors have created a need for urban-and-nature-adapted clothes. The pandemic catalyzed the transformation of consumer needs giving to outleisure a faster growing influence. For instance, urban mobilities are being decarbonized and switch from motorized transports to bikes with a 31% growth of daily bike users in 2020 in France. Consequently, 1 French out of 5 living in urban areas goes to work by bike and need adapted garments for this new daily habit.

On top of that behavior, a general desire from people to reconnect with nature has been witnessed, after a year and a half of social isolation and traveling restrictions. Our Fall-Winter 2022-23 analyses thoroughly these new needs of nature, discovery, and protection of the environment, that we invite you to explore.

For this reason, new crossover activities are emerging, mixing extreme activities with soft practices, accelerating the outleisure movement. For example, Glamping (glamourous camping) is become the new summer trend in northern countries between camping and fancy holidays in resorts. Or Yog-hicking using hiking to find the best spots for a peaceful yoga session outside. Hiking is today the most preferred sport in France in 2020, with the strongest progression in 10 years, giving to outleisure a new consumer mass. Looking for clothes adapted for their new favorite activities.

Bubble tent glamping

Forest Yog-Hiking

Moreover, Haute Couture catwalks are showing a growing interest for this new category, in a world where the luxury sector has been frontally impacted by the pandemic, limiting the desire for night outfits, and accelerating the desire of premium equipment adapted for the daily life. We can observe outleisure inspirations with the Prada sportswear line Linea Rossa “using micro ripstop triple layer” highly protecting and comfortable, or the stronger presence of outdoor-inspirated brands such as Reese Cooper or White Mountaineering at the Paris Fall-Winter 20/21 Fashion Week.

Prada Linea Rossa

Reese Cooper

White Mountaineering

 Outleisure is becoming the next great influencing movement in the fashion and outdoor industry. Several brands have already understood new expectations from consumers, looking for nature, comfort and safety in their daily lives and explorations. However, outleisure codes must be mastered on different levels, namely in terms of fabrics, design, and colors.

That’s why CARLIN invites you

To discover its exclusive showroom in Paris for a day of immersion, to decipher the codes of outleisure through a presentation of its materials, colors and designs selected by our experts in our studio, as well as a conference decoding the opportunities of this flourishing market.

See you soon 😉

Nicolas boye

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