The young entrepreneur as passionate as she is brave !

Manon Cornué

Meeting between Edith Keller, CEO of Carlin Creative Trend Bureau, and Manon Cornué, Director of operations at Manufacture de Clisson.

I’ve met a young entrepreneur, full of enthusiasm with a business vision, which makes us want to, and is refreshing. Manon is 23, she has already done a business school and many internships at the most creative ones, Viviane Westwood, Elie Saab, Céline. She’s becoming more and more passionate by the creation, the « beautiful », the know-how, the material, the cut. She decides to take back an old company « ETS LETHU », specialised in night lingerie (brand REGENCE)..


To contribute to revitalize the « Made in France », by making the French production accessible, studying the technical and financial feasibilities.

To make last the know-how of her 15 employees, cutters and seamstresses, who work the warp and weft, the blur, and the cut mesh sewn for women, men and kids since more than 20 years.

To « Glamourise » the production tool and train other young people in this adventure of fashion Made in France


To emphasize the work of creative people and build loyalty with them, thanks to a demanding development, a flawless production.


Think about the best solutions ; the more complicated it is, the more she likes it!


Her availability, her listening, her reactivity!


An extreme flexibility, she prefers to do diversified projects and produce little quantities. It allows to each one in her team to give the best and to emphasize the know-how. She accepts to do prototypes that could be realised into 48H but can also realize series of 2000 pieces.


The legacy and the modernization of more than 150 machines, which can offer the most beautiful finitions, and especially the most adapted to the style and cost objectives.

We wish a huge success to Manon, and we hope that we will be able to develop some collections with her for our own clients.

We are counting on you to help her to fulfill her project that besides, is perfectly fitting with the recent trends of relocated production.

And above all, let’s make work a young entrepreneur enthousiast and brave, that gives a meaning to entrepreneurship. Let’s confess that it’s something precious to give back taste to entrepreneurship, creativity, and to respect the know-how and the experience !


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