Has we all witnessed, 2020 has been as challenging and unusual year! The pandemic took a toll on fashion market dynamics with a global decrease in sales, broken supply chains and less access to new trend and textile informations. However, this unprecedented year helped INMOUV and Carlin Creative to innovate and adapt faster than expected to a changing fashion world, through our brand new ACTIVE FALL WINTER 2022-2023 Trendbook! 

Active FW 2223 – Inmouv Sport Trend Bureau

Still offering our trend expertise through colours, moodboard, fabrics, prints, silhouettes, accessories and products designs, INMOUV has reinvented the organisation of the trendbook. In times where consumers behaviours are changing, we chose to organise the book through themes responding objectively to consumer demands that our marketing team identified. The themes are building personas that allow to understand perfectly new and strong consumer demands that are shaping today’s and tomorrow’s sportswear market. In addition, we emphasised the textile fabric proposals, offering even more exclusive information and a 360° vision that might have been difficult to obtain this years.

INMOUV has reinvented the organisation of its trendbook.

Sportswear is also a place of innovation and disruption! That is why we chose this year to use 3D design technology in our trendbook, where highly detailed sketches are accessible on INMOUV’s online platform allowing a greater reading of the season’s flagship products.

The INMOUV team is proud to introduce you to our new Active 22-23 Trendbook that we took pleasure to reshape in order to help brands to face our changing industry and thrive with innovative, creative and consumer adapted sportswear equipments! Indeed, if you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us through our different communication canals!

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