On the occasion of the release of its Beauty Trendbook E19, Carlin Creative Trend Bureau offers you an exclusive preview of its theme Clash.

Via social media networks and the proliferation of “hyper hub” public spaces, arguments are built and taken apart, commitment to causes is fostered, and dissent finds its voice.

Appearances change! Stylistic conventions are thrown out and identity boundaries broken through. Shapes and colours confront one another in unique and trans-genre constructions, through asymmetry, twisting in the same desire to reinvent themselves. A creative eye, barbed brow and an ardent lip express atypical seduction with a anti-establishment nature.

This is where we seen the arrival of Creative Partisans, whose ideas and behaviour constantly contest and challenge established order and structures in order to better progress.

Contemporary Art, through object-jacking, reinvents hybrid packaging, where functionality itself becomes a work of art.

Object-jacking, rerouted communication and expressive diversions are now drawing an unconventional and allured beauty.

For skincare, Sheet masks for the face and patches are dramatized when their benefits are adapted into glazed plastic textures, giving the face a new surface.

This summer, beauty commands a new gender-genre through an ultra-demanding aesthetic demonstration.

Marketing Project Manager – Intimacy


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