More used to play the nude and powder tones, our Stardust color from this season goes on an adventure of desertic and cosmic landscapes, in an organic and futuristic inspiration. Embodied mainly by the Astral theme in our trendbooks, it takes on an oneiric spirit that gets its inspiration from Dune’s interstellar universe. Its luminous softness makes it an advantage to heat up iced tones as well as soothe metallic sparkles.

Dellasy Studio – Yasmin Dell

Sand storm

Stardust joins force with arid beiges and browns that diffuse in the air and mix up in layers or washes in a subtle transparency.

Jean Paul Gaultier – photographie : Arnaud Lajeunie / Michael Zuhorski / Michael Zuhorski / Lemaire

Mineral essence

In a perfect balance between orange mahogany and cold rocks, it plays with organic contrasts of smokes, wood and stones. Their different textures join together in the sinuous lines of their own structures.

unknown / Wei Ran / Dior / Iris Van Herpen – photographie : Tim Walker / unknown

Artic Chimera

In the heart of a stellar expedition, our Stardust heats up the icy blinding blues, whose iridescent reflections reveal almost kaleidoscopic patterns.

Zeng Wu / Broderie Glacier – Clementine Brandibas / Elena Bofill / Unknown / Diesel

Epidermic sensuality

Directly on the body, Stardust joins aquatic and earthly tones to enhance survival suits in hostile environment, under water or in the desert.

Dune – Warner Bros / Unknown / Nina Ricci / Dion Lee – Photographie : Daniele Oberrauch / Off White

Protective cocoon

In the silence of a post-adventure retreat, our beige rediscovers its brightness in the company of more extinguished colors but with a soothing tranquility.

Max Mara / @makeupbrutalism / Daniel Lepik / Fossile Console – Kabinet / Robotic Clothing – Ying Gao

Celestial Halo

Continuing our contemplation of the outer world, we go back to the magic of wide open spaces, between earth and sky that reflect in water. Stardust becomes tinged with a bluish and liquid fog and almost iridescent sparkles.

Puraest Studio / Michael Zuhorski / Marta Bevacqua / Gonzalez Haas / Kilian Schoenberger / Nensi Dojaka – Photographie : Daniele Oberrauch

Space Oddity

Leaving more earthly tones behind, it carries us elsewhere in an association with bizarre aniseed and purplish blue glows. A strange breakaway toward an unknown planet that contains fantastical forms of life.

Paul Coenen / Spot Studio / Zeng Wu / Print Création Carlin / Lacoste

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