Friendly animals, trees to plant to counterbalance the show footprint and a 100% fur et leather-free collection. Carlin attended the fall/winter 2020-2021 Stella McCartney show, which made animals the center of everyone’s attention… and the catwalk.

Mascottes distribuant des boutures d’arbres à l’entrée du défilé – ©carlin

A flock of animals – rabbit, cow and even crocodile – in the Opéra Garnier’s upstairs corridors, while Paris Fashion Week is in full swing. You are not attending a theatrical representation of George Orwell’s Animal Farm but at the latest Stella McCartney show.

Under the naive atmosphere, the British stylist insists on the same message: no fur, no leather for the most sustainable fashion possible. Vegan enthusiast whose convictions have gone public for a very long time, Stella McCartney has proven once again her ability to make luxury and eco-consciousness meet through one of the most hyped Parisian Fashion Week’s shows.

Silhouette de la collection Stella McCartney FW2021 ©carlin

On the catwalk, the Londoner shows twisted coats, accessorized with animal-shaped brooches, necklaces and pendants, inspired by hieroglyphs for next winter. Stella McCartney allies Russian artist Erté’s imaginary and neutral mineral tones: clay, coal, sand…

Silhouette de la collection Stella McCartney FW2021 ©carlin

Among the best clothes, vegetal leather dresses huge coats made of koba – a new alternative to fur that the stylist just launched – stressed her fight against animal cruelty since her namesake brand’s birth in 2001. The show also features a lot of (fake) skins – from shearling to sheepskin – all animal-free guaranteed.

« You won’t have their skins, nor mine », that could sum up Paul McCartney daughter’s message to the global-warming skeptics who have recently gathered behind Naomi Seibt, the German teenager that stood against Greta Thunberg.

A youth that Stella McCartney targets and wants to convince at all cost, as she regularly organized meetings and talks with the young generations.

More than a desire, her commitment to resist climate change met once again with success during the second most polluting industry’s most important event.


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