Hide me what I can’t bear to see ?

Oversized is now unmeasurable, lengths are elongated to an extreme XLL extent. The body’s morphology disappears revealing only a few tips of skin.

How to make a woman exist under such extreme lengths?



Holding your head high with a proud stance is essential

Rising collars give off a strict yet graceful look; between ruff collar, buttoned collar, tied, turtleneck, funnel neck. Everything goes so long as you are proud!



Extremities disappear

Sleeves definitely seem to want to hide your hands, revealing the slight trembling of fingertips.



Wide pants, so long you walk on them, stretch to infinity, concealing the feet’s edges.



Where have your sensual curves gone?

Ultra-long coats, dust covers, whether gowns, topcoats, or officer coats give the impression that you have disappeared, wrapped up. Although it does slim certain morphologies, it shrinks the unlucky ones.



Whatever to do to rediscover your feminine figure?

1/ Play on the unexpected detail or accessory, massive or multiple, as in you all “see me even if I’ve disappeared !”



2/ Soar up on a pair of a pair pumps or platforms, My Gosh how tall you are !



3/ Play with layering, or maxi slits, revealing beneath the long layers a pair of oh so sexy legs? I love your thigh-high boots.



4/ Belt-up to structure the volume. Oh my what a slender wasp waist!



And if these lengths are definitely not made for you, to make it short, cut cut!

You can short the pieces up with asymmetrical cuts, and personalized lapels.


Claire REMY

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