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If you regularly follow our publications, you already know that pink is a major phenomenon of this spring-summer 21 season. Star color of Paris fashion week, it has finally freed itself from the girlie stereotypes that used to come with it. We almost ended up believing that pink had become a color reserved for men as it had become almost politically incorrect in women’s fashion, suspected of conveying the most hackneyed clichés. So nice revenge for this color which, embodied by the Carlin shade “Strawberry Juice”, also conquered the world of decoration and design, before regaining the favors of ready-to-wear. We make you discover the multiple possibilities that it offers!

Simply Elegant

Combined with a nude tone, Strawberry Juice is elegant with ease.

Amai Hana / Unknown

Graphic Duo

Associated with a fresh and invigorating blue, it plays the card of dynamism.

Nicolas Matheus / Alasdair McLellan / Elaine Constantine / Nadine Ijewere

Cheerfully Multicolored

Mixed with other vivid tones, it embodies a form of visual optimism.

Kelly Behun / Unknown / Dylan Griffin

Floral Suggestion

Inseparable from the floral universe, pink here plays a refined chiaroscuro.

Amelia Jdowd / Carlin Creative / Jacquemus @denofmen

Be Positive !

Associated with a touch of orange and anise green, it embodies a playful vitality.

Laura Feiereisen / Amit Design Studio / Izaskun Chinchilla Architects

Sunset Intensity

Combined with orange and purple, it announces the intensity of the coming summer…

Faithfull the brand / Twenty two words

Pink, of course!

With white, this must-have color expresses what it is: THE pink color of the season!

 Carlin Creative  / Faithfull the brand / Carlin Creative / Tumblr

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