We shouldn’t believe that in these strange times of confinement, fashion facts would no longer matter, quite the contrary; beyond my personal convictions (yes, style will save the world), I have just experienced it.

Teleworking designers in quarantine also need to do some “individual physical activity” as specified in the 5th paragraph of the magic certificate that frees you from your four walls.

I barely set foot outside when a police car pulls up next to me. As I’m explaining my more or less sporting plans to the policemen, one of them points out to me that I am not wearing jogging pants, neither tracksuit, but a pair of jeans. Damn it. Yes, I’m wearing jeans, that’s right. Doubt assails me: would interlock jogg pants be more protective against coronavirus than denim jeans? How possible that nobody told me about that?

To go out, I had opted for the following look; here are the exhibits:

A grey 501 Levis, a pair of vintage style sneakers and a hoodie, which seemed to me to be a perfectly appropriate look for covid-time : suitable for buying food, for moving your legs, or staying home.

Except that a pair of jeans, know it, is not credible in “physical activity” mode. Not at all. Designer’s dilemma: is going out wearing floppy jogg pants an option? Even for a few minutes ? Serious question.

Bella Hadid, crédit Getty-Contributor


Ok then, since it-girls have been modeling 90’s tracksuits, we clearly understood that the nerdy had become very very cool, got it.

But on the other hand, the jogging concept was updated by running almost 10 years ago, even if it is basically the same thing, eh. Except that in terms of look, it changed everything:

Kickstarter / SHFDT

Nowadays, we run in stretch sports leggings, skin-tight and form-hugging please, although often layered with loose shorts for men.

And so, jogging pants and tracksuits are definitely for style, not for running, come on, I tried to explain the policeman.

And moreover, walking is a great physical activity, right? No. Really not.

Gigi Hadid, crédit Getty Images

Okay, U-turn, I’m asked to go back home, right now, doomed because of my jeans; big slap for my street-credibility.

Sport has already largely taken its revenge on the rest of fashion, if in addition the covid gets involved, well…

When back #homesweethome… 

… I keep my Levis on because we adopted a strict rule: no telework in flabby pyjamas! Chic at home, that is our motto, it is a civilizational fight, we will see how long it will last.

Then, scrolling through my Instagram feed, I discover a publication from Hypebeast, the mag for sneaker worshipers. And there, wonder among wonders, what do I see, a pair of branded slippers for logomaniacs in quarantine mode.

Crédit Hypebeast / Gucci

Well, that’s all what I needed!

Thomas Zylberman

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