L‘Officiel Paris Juin / Juillet 2019

We have seen her recently on the cover on L’Officiel Paris: Chloé Wise, the 29-year old Canadian-born artist “has conquered the galleries of the entire worldas well as Instagram and fashion designers.” 

Talented (and full of humor), the artist who declared in a Vogue interview that her favorite artist washer cat, seems to be building step by step  a particular link with French fashion.


Thus, on June 19th, Études Studio opened the second day of Paris Fashion Week with the show of its new collection Men Spring / Summer 2020, entitled « Illusion »Through this collection, the Parisian brand of urban fashion has reaffirmed its close ties with the art world by collaborating with Chloé Wise, who has produced paintings on several pieces. Her works were printed at the clothing scale on flowing pieces, silk shirt, dresses … giving a very colorful and vibrant rendering, like an art exhibition in motion.



The same day, the artist enjoyed this collaboration with enthusiasm and self-mockery by posting on Instagram photos of her wearing one of these pieces with the following caption (in her typical fun mix of french and english):

« My collaboration with Études! Came out today! At mens week, Paris! These pieces feature two of my paintings, You definitely lied to the right person” and Tormentedly Untainted! I Jadore! Heres me! Giving! You! Arms! Bon soir! »

This is not the first time that the Canadian artist has successfully collaborated with a French clothing brand. Indeed, a few months ago, on February 12, 2019, the young French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus (also 29 years old and big on Instagram) posted the rather unexpected images of the spring-summer 2019 campaign of the Jacquemus house. Thus, instead of traditional photographs, the campaign took the form of a painting presenting the ready-to-wear and accessories of the season. The painting, a tribute to the creator’s native south of France, presents two women enjoying a glass of rosé on a sunny terrace of the Cote d’Azur and was painted by Chloé Wise.


We can see the unique “touch” of the artist: her mastery of vibrant colors, the stunning realization of the draping, the sensuality of these women’s bodies, in a work that perfectly captures the essence of the new Jacquemus collection. Dressed with pieces (swimsuits and ready-to-wear) and accessories from the 2019 spring-summer collection “La Riviera”, we find in this painting (between the deep blue sea and the creole earrings), the iconic mini-bag that caused a stir during the presentation of the collection last September at the Italian Embassy.

On the right corner of the painting, we can see a hand reaching, holding a lemon partially peeled: on its wrist is a chunky bracelet, with as a pendant the letter“J” representative of the brand, appearing here as the signature of this sunny dreamlike scenery.

An utterly perfect collaboration, which has occurred naturally, between social networks and common love for the south of France. Chloé Wise indeed told Vogue: « I spent the summer in the south of France. I became in love with the Côte d’Azur, starting to paint images of this characteristic landscape. There is this imagery in Simon’s work, an inspiration that I was brought to share with him. It was a natural decision. »


According to WWD, Jacquemus would have had the idea to work with Chloé Wise by watching her “stories” on Instagram. « This summer, I was looking at Chloe’s paintings, and I thought it had a sense of southern France. I then began to imagine what a collaboration would be likewith Jacquemus. From there was born the idea of the campaign for the Riviera» he said.


When you ask the duo what they would like people to feel while watching this collaboration, the feeling is pretty much mutual:

Jacquemus:« A desire to go on vacation. »

ChloéWise:« A craving for figs? The same feeling we feel in the south of France. »


Through her collaborations with French designers, Chloé Wise has manageto bring their collections to life in a unique and vibrant way, and we can only hope that these summer connections will continue.

In any case, its a success: we now have a big craving for figs and sun here too, in Paris.


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