By those times of quarantine, it’s more than necessary to point out the talent of artists around us. Let’s “enjoy” the break and their availability to share together creative visions that inspire us.

Thank you Paul ROUSTEAU for this colourful inspired interview!

“Paul Rousteau does photos”. The one that introduces himself by this simple way questions though the Real through his photographic expression. Graduated from the School of photography Vevey in Switzerland, he collaborated quickly with magazines such as M le Monde, i-D, l’Express, Libération, Dazed&Confused, Harper’s Bazaar, etc. His photos are exposed to La Galerie du Jour- Agnès B, to the Festival des Images in Vevey, to the fashion festival and photography at Hyeres… The fashion universe adores him. Indeed, he collaborates frequently with Hermès, LV, Agnès B, Chanel, Chantelle, Chaumet, Guerlain, le Bon Marché…

To discover his work: @paul_rousteau (12,1K abonnés) 



Sophie Chapotat (Artistic Director – 79C Carlin Group) : Your photographic approach is particular. The colour is one of the main elements that structures it. When and how do you grasp it? Do you work with moodboard or more experimentally?

Paul Rousteau (Photographer) : Instinctively, colours are the first elements I elaborate before a project. For my personal work, this is something pretty natural and I’m trying to make colours give the emotion I try to express. For commercial jobs, I take the information from the brief of the brand, and then I take in account the colour of their logo (if there is one), the tons of their new collection. With all those information, I’m trying to establish a coherent range of colours, modern and emotional.



Sophie Chapotat: You often work the complementary, the fluo very “techno-RGB” is also mainly present, and your shadings are often full of subtlety. Are you working a lot in post-prod or everything is already done during the shooting?

Paul Rousteau: Actually, I’m not working that much in post-prod because my effects are realized during the shooting. Sometimes, I paint my printings…

Givenchy official – Paul Rousteau



Sophie Chapotat: You offer strong coloristic universes that are real committed positions for the brands. I am thinking, for example, about your photo of the BOTTEGA VENETA bag for LE BON MARCHE or even the one for AGNES B bag for AGNES B VOYAGE. How do you do for your ordered works? Do you have full permission, such as an AD (artistic director), offering intentions? Can you tell us more about that?

Paul Rousteau: Each time is different. Sometimes they let me suggest an artistic direction. Some other times I just have to take photos because the moodboard is already well prepared. Though often clients want my point of view, this is the reason why they chose me!

Bottega Veneta – Paul Rousteau

Agnès B Voyage – Paul Rousteau 

Hermès – Paul Rousteau


Sophie Chapotat: You are very careful to your photos presentation on your website and on Instagram. We can even speak about a RE- presentation of your work. Either by an indexation of a coloured range such as on your portraits of Jacquemus. Or by an assembly of photos that offer to your public new interpretations. What do you want to highlight?

Paul Rousteau: Yes I like to be creative and challenge my ideas through all the productive chain of an image: especially during the shooting where I do a lot of proposals and tests. I start with a quite basic image and then I provoke some accidents in order to surprise me and give life to the image. During the post-prod, I confront and associate images to make them tell stories that they can’t tell by themselves alone. I write a script actually!

Jacquemus: Nymag

Eden, Visions of Joy – Paul Rousteau 


Sophie Chapotat: In your photos you work the complementary, like if, those colours allow you to create shapes? Is that position quite “Fauvist” an inspiration for you?

Paul Rousteau: The “Fauves”, the Impressionists, the expressionists, have completely revolutionized painting. I take my inspiration from them to change photography.

Giverny, Beyond Photography – Paul Rousteau

Sophie Chapotat: Your work is very pictorial. Are you inspired by painters?

Paul Rousteau: I’m inspired by older artists such as Giotto or Jérôme Bosch. But also by young French talented painters I invite to la Villa Noaillesat Hyeres during summer artistic holidays. For instance, I can quote Florent Groc, Diane Dal Pra, Marion Bataillard, and Thomas Levy-Laisnes.

Sophie Chapotat: Despite a multicolored universe, your photos are quite “quiet”. There is such abandonment, a reverie, lot of space that makes us think about nature. Is it a source of inspiration for you?

Paul Rousteau: Nature is my first of all source of inspiration. Honoring its complexity and its beauty is my entire goal!

Eden, Visions of Joy – Paul Rousteau 

MUCEM – Paul Rousteau 

Sophie Chapotat: Is this colour make you think about something in particular?

Paul Rousteau: Roland Garros or the ochres of Colorado de Rustrel…

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