Impacting and creative medium for the brands, inspiring and addictive ritual for the audience, the podcast is becoming more and more successful for French people. Today, there are many millions to listen to them frequently.

Major actor of high-perfomance content strategies, the podcast is a space of freedom ideal to tell stories.

The moment when...

79C, the storytelling agency of the group CARLIN CREATIVE, launches its serie and introduces « The moment when… », podcasts that depict the portrait of inspiring clients and narrate beautiful stories of professional meetings (and sometimes even friendly).

A way to reaffirm a strong conviction for AGENCE 79C, since 30 years : communication is first and above all a human and emotional adventure.

Nicolas Naigeon – CEO of Aveine 

In this first episode, let’s discover the portrait of Nicolas Naigeon, founder of the start-up AVEINE (that has developed the first aerator connected in the world) and the collectif 21 (Matching influencers and winemakers).

Aveinologie, the new wine experience.

Aveinologie, the new wine experience.


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