At the time of COVID-19, there is no need to endanger others to find a change of scenery or be picked up by the beauty of the world around us.

Photo © Mat Jacob

From the very first synth notes, it’s obvious that we are in good hands. A thousand leagues from these low-end tour operators specializing in junk tourism or in standardized and tasteless group excursions, Geysir creates tailor-made trips, unique and rich in emotions. Travel in space, travel in time, travel in itself, alone or well accompanied: the duo composed of Marie-Céline Leguy and Lionel Laquerrière seems to have discovered the secret of teleportation so much the titles of Malsamaj  (“different” in Esperanto ) take you on cosmic, epic and intimate cruises. As the pieces pass by, the borders fall, heaven and earth marry, steppes and oceans merge, entrails and cosmos come together in a universal communion.

With your throat clenched, your heart pounding, your body covered with electronic pulsations as proof of life in the depths of our exhausted bodies, Geysir’s album invites kindness and exploration, calls to open up to share with others the emotion that seizes us when listening. Accessible and welcoming, Malsamaj does not hide anything from the shadows and disappointments of life but summons hope at the same time as melancholy. Won by these poignant climbs, we would not need much more to shed a few tears when the tension of songs like Tero, Malsamaj or Melted (oh my god this mandolin!) inevitably tightens its grip on our scarred hearts.

There is something physical in the emotion provided by this music which touches the heart, as if the electrical signals of these old analog synths came to bite our flesh to wake us up from a long night, to get us out of our daily torpor to show us that another path was still possible in the midst of this morbid routine that took possession of our world. Deeply humanist, Geysir’s music gives each of us the freedom to move around according to our moods, memories, means of the moment.

Lively and intelligent, it’s often overwhelming.


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