If the morning gesture a refreshing spray to spritz entered our beauty routines , mists and other care of water renewal through a packaging for the least expected … No glamor, household cleaner ? Think again ! The pschitt pschitt – way window cleaner is likely to invade your bathrooms ! The proof with the first eau de toilette Moschino, directly inspired by a well-known packaging :

Moschino eau de toilette vapo

Ergonomic bottle , white and red spray water blue perfume … A direct reference to the famous household product , in the vein of expensive diversion Jeremy Schott . A growing trend in the Shops teams beauty Carlin … In Amsterdam, the natural eco -conscious and brand – Marie Stella Maris offers a refined version of the treatment water spray :


In Los Angeles, the shops and lifestyle Consort Reformation also infatuated pschitt the household by making it cool:

Golda Hiba WoodGolda Hiba Wood at Consort

saint olioOlio in St Reformation Also in Los Angeles, the lifestyle fragrance Strange Invisible Perfumes Venice Beach offers the hairspray release:

strange invisible perfumes

Besides the fun aspect of packaging, spray offers several benefits:

– Eco-friendly : the way household cleaner pack has few components , which facilitates recycling. Beauty brands go further and propose glass containers, most elegant and also recyclable … Not to mention that the bottles are refillable !

– New gestural beauty : the Spray allows a wider distribution than a conventional spray, and a spritz , the treatment water is distributed on the face or hair .

Find our beauty experts Carlin :

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