At the heart of the Marais and its concept stores , at the turn of Commines street is LA Twins for Peace shop. This brand of shoes ” Be Cool Be Good ” is extending its range of children in early April. But what is really behind this brand that ” doing good “?


Initially, Alexandre and Maxime twin them with an idea of philanthropic project around a basketball canvas unisex. 5 years later, Twins For Peace is the brand with 2 red elephants “We make shoes That help children”, distributed in the Parisian department stores, the latest concepts blind fashion and to Miami, São Paulo or Seoul and Tokyo. Specifically, it is a brand of footwear, apparel and fashion accessories Frenchy well as the biggest offers two collections a year and exclusive collaborations with artists and designers to the side “COOL”. For the promise “GOOD” brand offers a child into the world a pair of shoes to buy a pair of Twins for Peace. Already present in 6 countries, these “Shoe Projects” helped distribute nearly 25,000 pairs of shoes. Sneakers produced locally adapted to children’s needs and delivered by hand. Because at Twins for Peace is believed that everyone has the duty to improve the lives of those in need. Social and environmental issues increasingly present in our society which responds with the brand style in the spirit “be cool, be good.”

Sans titre

By expanding the range of shoes for children, the brand sends a strong message. It invites the youngest out of the egocentric mentality to help those in need . A message in line with the mentality of the Z generation born after the 2000s , they have not known a world without the crisis, or without social networks.

They are naturally more open to others and the world through a constant flow of information that drives their need to give meaning to their lives. Desiring to have an impact on the world, 70% of under 20 were volunteers, and nearly half at least once a month . consumer side , 73 % are willing to pay more for products from companies involved .

A new generation philanthropist who displayed his optimism for the world of tomorrow with style … So quickly , all Twins for Peace !

Louise Taccoen

Twins for Peace x Carlin 2

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