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Jon, a graduate student of Esmod in Men’s specialization, presented his first collection in 2014 in Paris. After the expected success of his first collection, he decided to create his own menswear brand, UNROW in 2016. His goal was to develop the world of streatwear in China and more particularly for young people. He even collaborated with INXX project, where he designed the “COHERE” collection. It seems that his efforts are paying off, because in 2019 he participates to the Shanghai Fashion Week. His clothes are now distributed in China in several retails stores.


For him, fashion is a world without boundaries, where luxury and streetwear can now be blended. That’s where his inspiration comes from. A philosopher at heart, he uses life experiences and various emotions as a starting point for his collections. 


Indeed, his latest collection describes a transition between the imperfect reality of life and the addiction of young people. He describes his last line as “Transition (growth).Edge (decadence). Imperfect (Degradation). Intervention (Reflection). Dependence (Addiction)”. Through this collection, Jonn translates youth as a dangerous and tumultuous journey where the child is led to discover addiction in order to find a place for himself in this imperfect world. He mixes streetwear codes with Chinese culture to create unique and romantic clothes. The cuts are straight and sophisticated. The details revisit the world of workwear: jean jacket, patch pocket, elastics and oversized shapes never stop impressing us. As for the colour range, it is intended to be dark and minimal. The blue is in the spotlight. Here we find the perfect recipe between luxury and street.



A successful first at Fashion Week! We are certainly looking forward to the next fashion show.

Rebecca Sebahoun

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