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Vanessa Schindler is a Swiss designer, graduated from HEAD in Geneva. During her master’s degree in fashion and accessories, she experimented with urethane material. Its “urethane pool collection chapter .2” is the result of two years of research exploring the functionality of decoration, and 3D finishing. She was nominated at the Hyères Fashion Festival where she won the Première Vision Grand Prize. In addition to a 15,000-euro cash prize plus copyright for the creation of one or more items to be sold by the brand. She was also given a chance to work with Chanel’s Métiers d’Art to create another collection for this year’s festival. She also was awarded the Mercedes-Benz prize, worth 10,000 Swiss francs.


The idea was to create a collection that would have a different conception of the garment itself, by fitting them seamlessly, without topstitching or cutting, but by moulding them directly on the body. The first steps of this research were to question the shaping of clothes, their conceptions without going through a pattern and classical sewing. By discovering the urethane material, she explored an experimental path of fashion. She applies it with tools that are similar to what you use to ice a cake in order to assemble the parts of the garment together. The result was a fascinating and elegant collection that combined traditional craftsmanship with Schindler’s experimental technique.

But the young designer did not stop there and created a new collection entitled “Les Frivolités”. The fabrics used are precious and chic. The technicality used sublimates refined and delicate pieces. A set of transparencies are in the spotlight and give a sensual side to the collection. The creator’s DNA is preserved and accentuated to create an unprecedented collection.

Photo: Chaumont-Zaerpour

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