After a lost year, the 5th edition of the VivaTech trade fair was held from 16 to 19 June in Paris and online.

Update on French tech: a boosted state of mind

For the past 4 years, French Tech has been accelerating exponentially. In 2020, French start-ups raised 5.4 billion euros. On 23 June 2021, France had 16 unicorns. These companies, which have reached a valuation of one billion dollars without being listed on the stock exchange, have doubled in size in two years. Aircall and Ledger (a crypto fintech) have just joined the club of OVHcloud, Doctolib, Vestiaire collective, Back market, Blablacar and Deezer…

A dynamic is developing, driven by the ambition of the government, which has continued to multiply initiatives in support of the startup nation (in 2013, creation of Bpi France, in 2019 the French Tech label 120, the Next40; implementation of tax reforms in favor of start-ups…)). This should enable us to achieve the objective of having 25 unicorns in France by 2025.

The global unicorn boom

However, France still has some way to go to catch up with the leaders. Worldwide, at the end of March 2021, 630 unicorns were listed by the CB Insights database. As of 24 June 2021, the unicorn club has grown by 19% to 728 unicorns. At this rate, the unicorn club is likely to pass the 1,000 before the end of the year.

The United States is the largest market for unicorns with about 300 companies valued at $1 billion or more. That’s more than China and Europe combined. China follows with $133 billion worth of start-ups in May. With a total of 70 unicorns, Europe ranked third. The (more or less overvalued) unicorn will soon no longer be a rare species 😉


Clearspace Today

New environmental challenges: heading for space

During the conference given by ESA and Clearspace, we became aware of the impact of space pollution. At a time when the ecological emergency is at the heart of global concerns, the world is facing new environmental challenges… in space.

Over the past 60 years, the number of satellites orbiting the Earth has continued to increase, forming a considerable cloud of debris. ESA (the European Space Agency) is fighting against this space pollution by joining forces with the startup ClearSpace.

This mission who seems simple, is fraught with difficulties: How do you capture an object in space without gravity? How do you approach an object without colliding with it? With the help of 40 engineers and the support of 20 partners, ClearSpace will launch the first orbital depollution mission in 2025. This is a first step that will undoubtedly inspire other innovative and responsible initiatives in the future.

Tim Cook, not so cool

With the Digital Services Act (DSA) and the Digital Market Act (DMA), the European Union aims to increase users’ security and fundamental rights online. By limiting the influence of the GAFAMs, the EU intends to regulate digital markets for greater fairness, openness and transparency. Apple CEO Tim Cook reacted to this by expressing his reluctance. The Apple boss defends that opening the iPhone to the installation of applications from other stores than the Appstore would hinder the security of the iPhone and would undermine the protection of privacy as well as the transparency of application tracking. To be continued, then…

5G for all

5g networks are being deployed across Europe, making users’ daily lives easier and offering a revolutionary experience to all industries: sports, logistics, e-security, health, banking and insurance, or smart cities…

The start-up My Digital Buildings, supported by Orange, is presenting the “Vioo” application, a digital guide for blind or visually impaired people. The company has put its skills (3D survey and virtual modelling of buildings) at the service of the National Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired (Unadev) to enable disabled people to move more easily.

The future of robotics: AI is anything but intelligent

What place should robots have among humans? Above all, what impact will they have on our daily lives? Extract from a conference…

For Franck Calzada, CEO and founder of Intuitive Robots, articulated robots like Spot, by Boston Dynamics, will undoubtedly be part of all our lives within a few years. They are taking on new challenges: designing robots that are perfectly agile and skillful, capable of moving in complex and intelligent ways, to fit perfectly into the daily lives of our future children.

Luc Julia, Scientific Director at Renault, agrees. According to him, all cars will obviously be automated within a few years. An automation that accompanies and reflects the desire for entertainment in our daily lives, coupled with a vision of the car as an extension of the home. The specialist then also mentions robots as real companions: “Of course, assistant robots, lawyer robots even… why not! While these advanced technologies generate fascination and mistrust, he temporises: “People are afraid of AI, but their fascination is mostly science fiction. I don’t like to talk about artificial intelligence, I prefer to talk about algorithms. Because in the end, AI is anything but intelligent. It excels at doing specific and limited tasks. But that’s it.”



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Grow your own cloud is a sustainable concept that takes our connection to nature to a whole new level.  It stores data the way nature does, in the DNA of living plants. To this end, the French startup is working with DNA data storage, using its proprietary technology to allow users to download data from living plants.

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Stuck in an urban traffic jam, who hasn’t dreamed of escaping in a personal flying machine? CAPS is the realization of this dream – an electric, autonomous, single-seat capsule that can take off and land vertically, perfect for tight urban spaces. Currently in the design phase, we’ll have to wait a little longer …

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ACQUA DI PARMA – Smart home diffuser

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The connected home fragrance dispenser allows users to remotely program the diffusion of the fragrance of their choice at home. Using sophisticated wireless technology, it can be controlled manually or via mobile applications. Functional and elegant, it fits perfectly into any interior. It is highly customizable, storing up to three fragrances at a time, while its leather cover is available in five colors, a collaboration with Poltrona Frau. Each fragrance refill contains an intelligent recognition system that guarantees optimal diffusion.

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