It has not escaped anyone , the parades AH16 / 17 was completed recently, and of course we can not resist the pleasure of playing “we had told you ! ”

Started in New York in a rather dark atmosphere , the parades have migrated to London and Milan (hey , color !) To finish off in Paris who confirmed his creative top – of – hand leadership.

Years Palace and neo- 80’s glamor have been waiting for you :


Couture- vamp at Saint Laurent or more fun at Kenzo , a fine confirmation of our Fun theme , based on the festive fantasy of Paris .

Lamé , flying the colors ” shocking ” we love … but in fact , we’re going to dress how in real life ? No panic , the great cozy coat will be there to warm you up :


Felted wool textures, this delicate ashen palette, this comfortable sobriety , but yes, it’s him, that’s our current Sincerity .

REAL clothes, it feels good ! Version a little more experimental , between functionality and fantasy , retro spirit but revisited version of 2016-17 , it looks like this :


Here, the “real” clothes are a bit rushed , reassembled and redesigned for a casual- preppy sometimes a little geek .

At Carlin, had called this current Reboot … and it suits him rather well. And otherwise ? Gold. Yes, we will. The affirmed powerful , sexy , the power- dressing and make it snappy . Moreover, this trend had been called Megalomania , which has the merit of being clear :


So who had it right? 🙂

By Thomas Zylberman

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