DAY 1: THE coronafamily

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If Saint-Exupery’s Little Prince was asking for a sheep, coronavirus is now asking for us to draw our dreamed quarantine room. And more precisely, that’s well-known french drawer Pénélope Bagieu’s request. She is the one that set the basis of the Coronahouse of social networks. This « exquisite corpse gamae », launched on Twitter, starts with a very simple draw of an empty room. Upon this, each and everyone is free to add what they wants to fill the room with what they needs to go through the quarantine, adding a new floor at the house. That’s one good way to create social link… without seeing anyone.

Source : Les Inrocks

CARLIN’S POINT OF VIEW: While we are all isolated from each other, Pénélope Bagieu’s game stimulates imagination for us to break free


© Opéra national de Paris

You can’t attend a show at the opera because of the quarantine? Never mind, it will make its way to you ! Despite its elitist reputation, the opera opens its gates during the coronavirus epidemic. While the whole country is shut down, Paris National Opera uploads one of its most memorable shows every evening. Indeed, in order to figth against the general boredom, the renowned French institution is freely offering the best of its repertoire on replay. Drama without danger. And culture without paying anything.

Source : Opéra de Paris

CARLIN’S POINT OF VIEW: While the epidemic does not bring down distinctions of social classes, culture does!


© Massimo Temporelli

In order to face the severe lack of medical equipment in northern Italy, a team of engineers from the FabLab and Isinnova agencies has successfuly 3D printed 100 respirator valves. But they did struggle, dealing with the supplier who didn’t want to share his plans. Costing less than 1€ to produce, these valves have already saved several lives. There would already be more than 10 patients currently breathing from thanks to them.

Source : Designboom

CARLIN ‘S POINT OF VIEW: Altruism has never seemed more important than nowadays.


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What do Ricard, Dior and L’Oréal can have in common? Going through the same forced shutdown, these three companies have started massively producing…. hydroalcoholic gel ! Meanwhile the country is in desperate need, industrials are gathering to support the production that requires components that the beauty and perfum industries also use. This glorious move has only been possible thanks to last friday ministerial decree. Would you like some Dior to wash your hands ?

 Source : Sud Ouest

CARLIN’S POINT OF VIEW: That’s a large solidarity movement that surely will never be forgotten, even after the crisis. CSR has become more important than ever.


© Jure Tovrljan

The entire planet is slowing down, and so do the big companies. From global companies to SME, they all stopped their activities. And that’s the best moment for Slovenian graphic designer des Jure Tovrljan to make fun of them. Indeed, he hijacked world-widely famous logos through a very contemporary social distancing humour. From Starbucks’ mermaid wearing a surgical mask to  LinkedOut (LinkedIn) or Just don’t do it (Just do it, Nike), Tovrljan makes fun of them with a quarantined sense of humour. Under the fun, he also reminds us the basic moves to prevent the virus from spreading.

 Source : Creapills

CARLIN’S POINT OF VIEW: Funny without being snide, useful yet not ennoyoing. Jure Tovrljan’s work is also an economic analyse that doesn’t say its name.

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