The Porte de Versailles turns twice a year into an ultra-fashion spot (no, we do not talk about the Agriculture Fair that also takes place there!) and the Carlin Creative insiders have gone sniffing for you the AH 17/18 must-haves that you will find in aaaaall the French shops next autumn.

Absolut Velvet
The smooth and silky velvet never ceases to be THE ultra-trendy fabric; is it that by force we will not end up getting tired? On the last Who’s Next show dedicated to the AH17/18, it is omnipresent, in clothes as in accessories: boots, turban, dresses and even … padded jacket. Yes, the velvet anorak is the fashion-challenge of next season!




Not your Bae

Rabens Saloner

Mutant Furs
It all started with hooded borders lined with fur, you know that … and then the hairs began to grow, to take unexpected colors, to compose patches or a little bit crazy associations, and then the animals’ defenders become desoriented : true or false, mutant fur?


 Wild Artic


Lola & Lo

Decor everywhere
Let us give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to Gucci what is Gucci’s. The magic formula imagined by Alessandro Michele to relaunch the label never ceases to seduce all the actors of ready-to-wear. The embroidered decor invades the collections and is transposed on all the pieces of the wardrobe. Too much is never enough!



Des Petits Hauts


Minimalism? What is that ??

Thomas Zylberman

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