Last night, I attended a workshop-debate during which words transported us into futuristic, intelligent and pleasantly artificial imaginary world!

It was organized by the writer-prospectivist Anne Caroline Paucot for the launch of « Mamma m’IA », a comic book that explores 8 possible projection scenarios with artificial intelligence.

Jean Gabriel Ganascia and Serge Abiteboul, two eminent scientists who also like to engage in the imagination of the possible, shared with us their forward-thinking thoughts.

Jean Gabriel Ganascia, has been able to bring to life the challenges related to singularity. A French computer scientist and philosopher, he has been working in AI for many years.

As we listen to it, the reality of eternal life, promised at the click of a button, flatters our egocentricity but could also upset us with our children!

Because, in his book,« Ce matin maman a été téléchargée » ( This morning My mom has been downloaded ), his alter-ego Gabriel Naëj recounts the daily life – not so simple – of a man forced to live “ad vitam æternam” with the intelligent consciousness of his mother transplanted into a humanoid robot…

Freed from scientific rigour, this book allows the author to infuse a more philosophical and sensitive prospective vision.

Serge Abiteboul, a French computer scientist and researcher, defines himself as a technophile in the face of technophobes and a technophobe in the face of technophiles.

A way of helping us to take a step back from our fears, rational or not, imposed by ever-changing technologies.

By sharing with us his funny and surreal story about disconnection and what it might mean in the future, we double back twice before signing our next digital detox treatment!

This new figure is thus in his collection « Le Bot qui murmurait à l’oreille de la vieille dame » (The Bot that whispered in the old lady’s ear).

In small groups, we then had fun imagining our own AI anticipation scenarios.

At the same table as Serge AbtiboulMarie Langé and Florence Rocq, our sketch of the future proved to be as whimsical as it was versatile!

But I’m not telling you any more in case it comes true 😉

I left that exhilarating evening, promising myself that if my children weren’t nice to me when I get very old, I would transplant myself!

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